Manzil is the collection of Quran Verse. Most people recite this Manzil in their daily life. It is most powerful for every purpose and to be safe from the evil eye. It has lots of benefits. These are as follows:

Manzil is the most useful to keep from the evil eye.

Manzil is most useful to keep safe from black magic.

If a person recites Manzil 1 time, In his daily life. Inshallah, He will safe from the devil’s whispers.

If a person makes a habit to recite Manzil Of the Quran and Pray from Allah SWT for 40 days. Inshallah, He will married soon.

If a person recites Manzil for 1 time. Inshallah, Allah SWT will protect him from a vehicle accident, sudden trauma, problems, and from his enemy.

If someone recites Manzil of the Quran Allah SWT will protect him from Black Magic.

If a person is affected by Black Magic or Evil eye. So, He should recite Manzil Of the Quran and blow him. Inshallah, He will be fine.

This Manzil is the source of protection from external attacks.

This Manzil is the source of blessings.

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This Manzil is the Source of the shower of blessings.

This Manzil is open the closed gates for the reciter.

Whoever recites this Manzil Allah SWT will succeed in every step of life.

Whoever recites Manzil before going to travel. Inshallah, He will be safe from vehicle accidents.

Whoever recites this Manzil before going to the exam. Inshallah, He will succeed in his exam.

Whoever recites Manzil for any valid wish. Inshallah, His valid wish will be fulfilled.


This Manzil can recite any Muslim. These all benefits are written by us. Manzil is very beneficial for black magic and the evil eye. If anyone recites Manzil they will get very benefits from it.

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