Dua or supplication is one of the most beautiful acts in Islam. It is a way by which you can communicate your wishes, prayers, and blessings to Allah.

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Dua is the best way to seek forgiveness, help, and success hereafter. When you do supplication, you actually bow down to the Almighty and ask him to help you in all matters. 
When you learn online quran with tajweed, you get to know about Dua and its importance in detail. To enlighten your vision on Dua and its necessity read the Holy Quran with tajweed.
How to perform Dua?
It is a simple act in which you raise your hands to Allah and ask him whatever you want to ask. You can perform Dua at any time, but it is compulsory at the end of the Salaj. At the end of all prayers, Muslims raise their hands in the air for supplication.
Dua is beautiful because it helps you realize that there is one power and he can do anything if you ask him in times of need. It also makes you realize that we all humans are nothing and the only ruler of the world is Allah Almighty.
In a  quran academy online , the tutors tell their students to spare some specific time in their daily routine and make dua for themselves and for the people around them.
You can make your dua effective and beautiful by following some easy tips and they include: 
1. Start your duas by praising Allah:
Dua is a beautiful act and you should start it even more beautiful. Focus on your start because your presentation matters a lot. The best way to make dua is to start it by praising Allah and how is the only one to listen in this entire world.
To praise Allah, call him with his beautiful names and thank him for whatever he has given to you. When you call Allah by His name and remind yourself that he is superior, the Almighty listens to you more carefully.
The best way to praise Allah is to recite the beautiful Surahs, like Surah Fatiha, or recite Ayat Ul Kursi. 
After recitation of Surahs, call him with his beautiful names and stay as humble and grounded as possible.
2. Have faith and hope in Duas:
The act of dua is based on your faith and hope in Allah. If all your hopes are connected to Allah and his mercy, all your prayers will come true. So, when you connect yourself to the
Almighty through dua, make sure that all your full hope is only with him.
It will strengthen your dua and there are more chances that your dua will become reality sooner or later. When you say have faith, it means you have to believe the fact that Allah will
listen and will fulfill all your demands. Your faith in Allah helps you make your duas more beautiful.
When you believe that your prayers will come true, you are halfway to getting them. So, if you want to improve your duas and to make them beautiful, make your faith more strong.
3. Make supplication for others  Before you make:
supplication for yourself, make for others in their absence. Allah loves when you pray for his mankind and others above you.  Loving your fellow Muslims, family, relatives and other mankind is one thing, but keeping them above you is a different level of love. When you pray for others before you, or in their absence it makes you precious in front of Allah.
To improve duas, pray for others before yourself and see how Allah listens to your supplications. He will give you more and what you pray for others will automatically come to you as well, even if you don’t ask for it.
4. Stay patient:
If you want to improve your duas, believe that Allah will listen to you soon. When we get impatient in our duas, we actually don’t put are all trust in Allah. We just to get listened to and have no idea if we are asking for something right or not. Sometimes what we right for us is actually not, and Allah replaces it with something better.
So, you should always show patience and believe that good will come to you. When you ask blindly and don’t wait for the right time you lose faith in Allah. And it makes your duas less effective. The best to make your dua effective is to believe that you will get what is good for you.
5. Ask Allah by his name:
Your duas get beautiful and effective, when you ask something by praising Allah and calling him by his beautiful names In online qaida, you can learn the different names of Allah and their meanings to get a better understanding.
The Almighty loves when you stay humble and ask him by counting his blessings. All the names of Allah depict his power and generosity, so when you call him by his beautiful names, he listens to you more carefully. Also, your dua looks more beautiful and effective when you ask Allah by his names.
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