Bath Manners

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Making Bath, Selling, Buying, Pay To Rent Everything is disgusting. Because in it people’s bodies are seen. It is narrated from Ali Al-Murtaza that Bathroom is the bad place, Where people is taken off their cloths of shame and their the recitation of Quran is not allowed.  It is better not to go to the bathroom if there is no compulsion. It is narrated that, Abdullah Ibn Umar hate the bathroom. And they used to say that this is luxury.
Hasan Basri and Ibn Seren don’t go to the Bathroom.  The son of Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal said that, He never see his father that he go to the bathroom. But if it is necessary to go to the bath, then it is permissible to enter the bath, But cover hisself. If evacuation of the bath is possible, then there is no harm in entering at night or during the day at a time when the fear of sin is less.
When Imam Ahmad was asked to enter the bath, he said: That if you know that all the people inside the bath are tied up, then you can enter, otherwise not. It is narrated from Aisha Sidiqa, that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: Bathroom is the bad place Where there is no veil and the water is not pure. Ayesha said that if one finds gold equal to Mount Uhud. Still, Ayesha would not be happy to go to the bathroom. It is narrated on the authority of Jabir bin Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: Who has faith in Allah and the Last Day. They do not go to the bathroom without an apron.
The conditions we have described for men to enter the baths. Women can go with the same conditions or if there is a special excuse and need. Such as illness, menstrual cramps etc. Because it is the narration of Ibn Umar. The Messenger of Allah said: Soon the land of the non-Arabs will be conquered and you will find some houses there which will be called baths. Men should not enter them without wearing aprons and women should not be allowed to go there.
Yes, sick and postpartum women can go (by this order). When entering the bath, do not greet anyone or recite the Qur’an. Ali’s hadith about this will be narrated above. In all cases, it is forbidden to be completely naked while bathing. Abu Dawud quotes his grandfather in his musnad.
Hakim’s grandfather said, “Messenger of Allah, to whom should we hide?”  And keep open to whom? The Messenger of Allah said: Protect your body from anyone except your wife. I said, “Messenger of Allah, what should we do if everyone is mixed up?” The Messenger of Allah said: As far as possible, keep your body hidden so that no one can see it. I said, “Messenger of Allah, if anyone is alone.” The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: Allah is more deserving of shame than men. Abu Dawud has narrated the narration of Abu Sayyid al-Khudri from his isnads that the Messenger of Allah said: Men, don’t look at another man’s private parts, Not a woman of another woman. Men would not wear the same clothes with another man, Not a woman, with another woman. Even if the place is lonely and no one is watching, it is makrooh to take a bath wearing apron.
Abu Dawud has narrated from his evidences that Ibn Umayyah has quoted the saying that the Messenger of Allah, When he saw a man bathing without an apron, he went to the Pulpit and appreciate to Allah and said: God is very shy and secretive.
He also likes the veil. If any one of you bathes, let him cover himself. If one enters the water for bathing, it is still forbidden to enter the water without an apron. Hassan Basri says that there are many people living in water. We are more entitled to cover them.
According to another narration, Imam Ahmad was allowed to enter the water without apron. And they did not consider it disgusting because they were asked about a man who was by the river, And no one was watching him. He said: “I hope so,”.  I mean, I hope there’s nothing wrong with taking a bath without an apron in the river. The first tradition that is forbidden from this tradition is more correct and the best.


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