#Benefits Of Surah Tariq (The Star) – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Surah Tariq (The Star) – Islam Peace Of Heart
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At-Tariq (The Piercing Star)

Abi Ibn e Kaab has narrated that, The Holy Prophet PBUH said: Whoever recite Surah Tariq. Allah SWT give him 10 good deeds. According to each star shown in the sky.

Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani said: Once upon a time the Holy Prophet PBUH visited a place. The Holy Prophet PBUH touched the wooden bow and start reciting this Surah. There was a narrator nearby him it means Khalid ibn Abu Habal Adwani was there. When the narrator came back to his tribe then people asked him. What was you listen there? He replied. i was listened Surah Tariq.

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Tariq is a showing the light from Allah SWT. The most important virtue of this Surah is. This Surah is very effective to remove the presence of paranormal activities. Unless if anyone who has been affected by any ghost or this type of activity. He should recite this Surah 111 times for 11 days, blow on water and drink it or give that water to an affected person. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. He will be safe from any ghost or paranormal activity.

If you have any problem in your work. So, recite this Surah 86 times on Friday. Collect some people on every Friday prayer and  do it for 7 fridays. Inshallah, Your problem will be solved.