#Benefits of Surah Taghabun (The Loss) – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits of Surah Taghabun (The Loss) – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Surah At-Taghabun (Loss)

Surah At-Taghabun is a great source of protection against all kinds of calamities. Whoever recites this Surah 3 times. His wealth will increase.

He will be safe from the evil of oppression. His enemy will not be able to harm him. If there is any ghost he will runaway.

This Surah is very effective for thieves and dacoits. If someone has fear from thieves. So, He should recite this Surah 11 times blow on the house. Inshallah, That house will under protection of Allah SWT. If someone lost his thing or his animal. So, he should write this Surah and make an amulet and hanged on a branch of tree Inshallah the lost item will be found.

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If a person has a lawsuit. When he go to trial dates So, he should recite verse no 11 of this Surah 1100 times. Inshallah, he will succeed in his lawsuit.

Whoever recite this Surah 3 times for 11 days for married or kids purpose. Inshallah, He will get married. Allah SWT rewarded him with child and his wealth will increase. #Love-Marrige-For-QuraniDuain

Whoever recite this Surah 11 times after fajr prayer for 40 days. Allah SWT rewarded him with spirituality master and he will get guidance in the path of Allah SWT.

Abi bin kaab narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: Whoever recite this Surah he will be safe from sudden death his life will be long.