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Surah Al Jumah (Friday)


Surah Juma, which means “Friday” in Arabic, holds superb importance in Islamic teachings. It is called after the day it’s miles encouraged to recite it, Friday, and it holds numerous advantages for folks that interact with it. this text explores the significance of Surah Juma and its capacity for rewards and blessings.

Benefits Of Surah Juma (The Friday)
Benefits Of Surah Juma (The Friday)

Benefits Of Surah Juma:

The word Juma means “Friday”, In Surah Juma, it is called Juma. Because it has been ordered to be recited on Friday. Ibn Abbas said: The Holy Prophet PBUH used to recite Surah Al-Juma and Surah Munafiqoon in Friday prayers. More has been written in the book Tafseer Ruhul-Mane. The Holy Prophet PBUH used to recite Surah Al-Juma and Surah Munafiqoon in the isha prayer on Friday.

Abu Hurairah always used to recite Surah Juma in the first rak’ah and recite Surah Munafiqoon in the second rak’ah of Friday prayers on Friday. So, Ibn Abbas said to Abu Hurairah: You recite the same two Surah that Ali always used to recite in the Friday prayers in Kufa. Abu Hurairah Said: I heard the Holy Prophet PBUH recite these Surah in Friday prayers.

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Whoever recites this Surah 11 times on Friday. He will be greatly rewarded. Allah SWT will pleasure with him. Allah SWT writes ten times more good deeds in his book of deeds. This Surah is very effective for eliminating hatred between two peoples.

If a couple has quarrels and immorality. So, One of between two should recite this Surah 3 times after the Fajr prayer on Friday and pray from Allah SWT also blow on water and drink itself and feed it to your partner. Inshallah, With the blessing of this Surah hatred, will end. Love will be created between them and continue for 7 Friday.

If a person is not punctual of time. So, He should recite this surah 1 time for 40 days after the Asr prayer. Inshallah, By the grace of  Allah SWT. He will be punctual of time and also punctual of prayers.

For business success recite this surah 3 times in the Tahajud prayer for 40 days. Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT. Your business will continue. It will be easier to earn money.


Surah Juma, a bankruptcy from the Quran, consists of profound means and benefits for folks who recite and replicate it. Its recitation on Fridays and at different times can result in various advantages, including the eradication of hatred, the recovery of love between couples, punctuality, and success in commercial enterprise. by incorporating the recitation of Surah Juma into our lives, we will search for spiritual upliftment and enjoy the effective impact it may have on our day-to-day affairs.


Q: What does the phrase “Juma” suggest?
A: The phrase “Juma” translates to “Friday” in Arabic.

Q: Why is Surah Juma called Juma?
A: Surah Juma is called after the day it is encouraged to recite it, that’s Friday.

Q: Which Surahs did the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recite on Fridays?
A: The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to recite Surah Al-Juma and Surah Munafiqoon in Friday prayers. That is referred to inside the e-book Tafseer Ruhul-Mane.

Q: How can Surah Juma advantage a person?
A: Reciting Surah Juma multiple instances on Fridays brings about incredible rewards and advantages. it can take away hatred between people, repair love among couples, sell punctuality, or even make contributions to success in business.

Q: How frequently should Surah Juma be recited for maximum advantage?
A: Reciting Surah Juma eleven instances on Fridays is suggested for outstanding rewards and to are seeking for Allah’s satisfaction. but, the variety of recitations may additionally range primarily based on individual situations and intentions.

Q: Can Surah Juma help in resolving marital conflicts?
A: Sure, Surah Juma can be recited by way of one spouse after Fajr prayer on Fridays, observed by way of blowing on water and ingesting it themselves and giving it to their accomplice. This exercise, performed for seven consecutive Fridays, is thought to put off hatred and create love between the couple.

Q: How can Surah Juma assist with punctuality?
A: If a person struggles with punctuality, reciting Surah Juma as soon as after the Asr prayer for forty consecutive days is stated to assist them turn out to be greater punctual, not simply in daily life but also in performing prayers.

Q: Can Surah Juma bring success to business?
A: Yes, reciting Surah Juma three times within the Tahajud prayer for 40 consecutive days is assumed to deliver advantages and achievements in business. it is stated to make earning profits easier and make contributions to the continuity of the business.

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