According to various narrations, On the occasion of the battle of Tabuk, the gift of Nad-e-Ali was given by Jibreel to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

If a person is in trouble, he should recite “Nad-E-Ali”  21 times daily. Inshallah, His Problems will be solved soon.

If a person has been bitten by a snake, he should read “Nad-E-Ali” seven times and blow on the place where it bites. then the snake’s venom will be gone.

If someone has been affected by magic, then by filling water from the khoya, spreading water on it seven times, and breathing in the water, the effect of magic will disappear.

If someone has a goal, he should recite “Nad-E-Ali” 66 times till he achieves his goal. Inshallah,  very soon he will achieve his goal.

No matter how much grief, sorrow and difficulty, recite Nad-E-Ali 1000 times, by the grace of Allah, all his grief, sorrow, and difficulty will be eased.

For “Love” recite Nad-E-Ali 47 times, and blow on your hands and entire your body, Whoever he talks to, Inshallah, he/ she will love him and will honor it.

To eliminate the effect of ghosts, recite Nad-E-Ali 15 times blow on water, and drink it, Also do spray it on your body. Inshallah, The effects of Ghost will be gone. But while reading, one must be in a state of purity.

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If someone has to send a message and they have delusion or doubt, will my message be accepted or not? Then slowly read Nad-E-Ali three times and blow on his ear. Inshallah, he will succeed.

Recite Nad-E-Ali 500 times at the same time and in the same place for more wealth, glory, and honor. It will soon succeed.

If one wants to shut the mouth of his enemy or the slanderer, So, in this situation he should recite Nad-E-Ali 10 times after each prayer. Inshallah will succeed very soon.

If anyone is interested in seeing the Messenger of Allah, he should wear clean clothes. After Isha’s prayers, recite Durood Pak before and after 100 times, then recite Nad-E-Ali 500 hundred times and sleep in the state of ablution. Inshallah, the Messenger of Allah will be seen that night.

If there is any difficulty to be eased, he should make the intention of prayer in each rak’ah recite Surah Fatiha 1 time and Al-Ikhlas 3 times and give its reward to Ali-Al-Murtaza “The Lion of Allah”, After that recite “Nad-E-Ali” 70 times. Inshallah, success will come on the same day. This process should be done for three days. In addition, Nad-E-Ali has innumerable benefits.

If a person wakes up and in the morning recites Nad-E-Ali 99 times for 3 days without talking to anyone, in less time he will become rich.

“Nad-E-Ali To get rid of the enemy” Whoever recites Nad-E-Ali 7 times on a handful of pure soil, blows on the soil, and throws it towards the enemy, Inshaallah, he will get rid of the enemy very soon.

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If a person goes to the river after praying the Asar prayer and sits there in solitude and recites the Nad-E-Ali, his difficulty will become easier. But after Nad-E-Ali, ask for “Dua” to ease your problems and then go straight home. Then recite Maghrib Prayer, Inshallah, his problem will be easier.

If someone is in danger from the envious, then recite Nad-E-Ali 70 times, Inshallah he will be safe from envious.

“Nad-E-Ali For friendship” if a person recites Nad-E-Ali 41 times on Friday. Whoever he talks to, that person will become his true friend.

“Nad-E-Ali For Success” Whoever recites Nad-E-Ali 400 times a day for 5 days. Inshallah, He will succeed.

“Nad-E-Ali for Job” If a person recites Nad-E-Ali 10 times each day will be steadfast on his job.

“Nad-E-Ali For Get Back Your Love” If a person falls in love with someone, he should recite Nad-E-Ali on a fragrant thing 70 times on Friday, And if that thing feeds him and the beloved smells this fragrance, then he will fall in love with her and fall at her feet.


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