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Zikr means to remembrance of Allah. As per the Qur’an, the recognition of God is the best means to wipe the slate clean:
“The individuals who accept and whose hearts find a sense of contentment in the recognition of God. Are not hearts settled in the recognition of God?” 13:28

Zikr of Allah:

Zikr of Allah is a simple means to love Allah, it doesn’t require a lot of work to do, and you don’t need to pay for it. In addition, you can do it whenever anyplace. Be that as it may, its prize equivalents the jihad, and you know how jihad is troublesome and scary too. Zikr of Allah is defined as the remembrance of Allah. Zikr of 99 names of ALLAH.

Zikr of Allah About Hadith:

The Prophet Muhammad, harmony is upon him, said in his hadith:

“Zikru Allah is superior to good cause and jihad, and it is everything deeds Muslim can manage, and by it, you can arrive at the most elevated positions at Allah”.

Types of Zikr:

Zikr-e-Lisani: (remembering by language). This is also called zikr-e-nasooti.

Zikr-e-raabta: This involves a tireless connection with Shaikh, whether he is present or not. Maximum respect must be shown in his presence. Without it, concentration on his image is essential.

Zikr-e-Qalbi: (memory of the immobility of the heart). Think of a lover in your heart.

Zikr-e-Nafsi: Elevating the image of the spirit to the truth. It is also called fikr.

Zikr-e-Roohi: Meditation on reality through its beautiful names and attributes. It is also called zikr-e-Jabrooti in Mushahida.

Zikr-e-Lahooti: Meditation on the lights of pure essence in the heart of the factor without direction, without comparison and without example. It is also called zikr-e-sirri.

Zikr-e-Nafi Isbaat: This involves repeating the words “Laa-Ilaha-ilallah” (there is no god but Allah)

Zikr-e-Ism-e-Zaat: a repeated memory of ‘Allah’

Zikr-e-Malakooti: Recalled memories of ‘illa-allaah’

Zik-e-Jabrooti: This is a recurring memory of ‘Allah’

Zikr-e-Lahooti: On “Yes! How!”

Zikr-e-Mareeza: This involves moaning like a sick person at Zikr. The Order of Sohrawardiah emphasizes this method of zikr.

Zikr-e-Mahzoon: Perform zikr with a sad sticky voice. It is a specialty of the Qadriah Order.

Zikr-e-Ishqiah: Zikr defeated by voice with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. This is the difference between the order of Chishtia.

Advantages of Zikr of Allah:

1. Enjoying a Harmony in Mind and Soul:

Such countless Muslims accept that recollecting Allah is competent to give a critical mental impact to feel a few harmonies in both brain and soul. That would make us have the consolation that Allah will help us in anything as one of the significances of zikr in Islam.

“(That is) the individuals who accept and their hearts find a sense of contentment by recalling Allah. Keep in mind; exclusively by recollecting Allah will the heart be quiet.” (13:28)

2. Keep away from Some Punishment:

Allah specifies on the Quran surah Ar Ra’d refrain 13 that even the thunder do the zikr towards Him. That implies everything in this world fears Allah’s discipline. It takes a basic end that the more you do the zikr, the more you can keep away from Allah’s disciplines as one of the ideals of zikr to Allah SWT.

“Even thunder praised him, (also) heavenly messengers out of paranoid fear of Him, and Allah saved thunder, then at that moment he forced them to his will when they fought for Allah, and He is brutal. in his suffering. ”(13:13)

3. Having a Grateful Life:

Allah specifies on the Quran surah Ali Imran section 164 to whoever recalls that He will have an appreciative existence with such countless favors and abundance. That is the reason, as Muslims, we better do zikr so Allah will give His approval and abundance as opposed to paying attention to the music that turns into an issue regardless of whether it is music haram in Islam.

“Allah undoubtedly blessed the followers when (Allah) sent a messenger (Muhammad) among them, who introduced them to his limitations, purified them (spirits) and taught them. Her book (Al-Qur’an) and Wisdom (Sunna), even earlier, were in true sin. (3: 164)

4. Having the Right Guidance:

Allah refers to on the Quran Al Ahab sections 41 – 42 to whoever doing zikr, He will direct them into the correct way towards Allah It implies that Allah will never left without a guide so that you can stay in the straight line to Allah. “Or on the other hand you who Recollect Allah, by reviewing (His name) whatever amount as could be anticipated, and praise Him around the start of the day and evening. It is He who gives benevolence to you and His heavenly messengers (asking pardon for you), so He will rescue you once again from haziness into light (the light).

“Furthermore, He is Most Merciful to the individuals who accept”. (33: 41-43)

5. Having a Great Self Control:

Allah refers to in the Quran surah Al A’raf section 56 to whoever doing great petition whether, by zikr or supplicates; He will give them His approval. Additionally, on the off chance that they don’t hurt one more in this world.

“Furthermore, don’t cause harm on the Earth after it was (made) well. Petition Him with dread and trust. Without a doubt, Allah’s effortlessness is extremely near the individuals who accomplish something useful.” (7:56)

6. Having a Piece of Good Luck:

Allah specifies on the Quran surah Al Anfal stanza 45 that whoever is doing zikr will have a piece of best of luck in their life. Numerous Muslims accept that having a piece of best of luck will make them more joyful in such countless ways under the gift of Allah.

Importance of Zikr Allah in the light of the Quran:

In Islam, Zikr is one of the superb demonstrations satisfying Allah. Recite Quran Daily. So says the Quran:

  • Those who accept, and whose hearts track down fulfillment in the recognition of Allah, for without uncertainty in the recognition of Allah do hearts track down fulfillment. (Quran, Surat Ar-Ra’d)
  • And to Allah have a place the most Beautiful Names, so approach Him by them and leave (the organization of) the individuals who practice deviation concerning His names. (Quran, Surat al Araaf)
  • He is effective who filters himself, and recollects the name of his Lord, thus supplicates. (Quran, Surat Al-A’la)
  • And recollect your Lord inside yourself, in modesty and in dread, beneath your breath, in the mornings and nights, and don’t be among the careless. (Quran, Surat al Araaf)
  • You who accept, recall Allah with much recognition. (Quran, Surat al Ahzaab)
  • Those who recollect their Lord standing, and sitting, and lying on their sides. (Quran, Surat Al-Imran) The Prophet expressed:
  • Keep your tongue wet all of the time with Zikr Allah.
  • Remember/notice Allah however much you need until individuals say that you are insane and frantic.
  • Those who make sure of Allah doubt their Creator.
  • The Hour won’t ascend before Allah; Allah is not generally said on Earth.


Zikr of Allah is a method for favors and prizes from Allah and brings about inner harmony. Allah tells us in the Quran:

“The individuals who accept and whose hearts track down fulfillment in recognition of Allah, for without uncertainty, in recognition of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.”(13;28)

It is most important for our salvation to recollect Allah consistently, both in private and when among individuals. The people who recall Allah have been exceptionally referenced in the Quran among the classifications of individuals of high repute to Allah. We have been told about them:

“Also for people who connect much in Allah’s recognition. For them has Allah arranged absolution and an incredible prize.” (33;35)

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