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The Holy Quran is a sacred and pure scripture revealed by Allah, the Supreme Being, and is not an ordinary Book. It is a Book of warnings, directives and instructions revealed for the guidance and betterment of mankind for all times under all conditions and requirements. The Quran says:
“Blessed is He Who sent down the Criterion to His servant, that it may be an admonition to all creatures.” (25: 1)
The central theme and subject which runs through the Quran is the designation of man as Allah’s vicegerent. It talks of the origin of man, the structure of the earth and heavens. It talks about civilizations and criticizes the conduct of different nations.
The Quran contains directives for the head of the state as well as a common man, for the rich as well as the poor, for peace as well as for war, for spiritual well being as well as for material prosperity. It gives commands to educate and convince people about the validity and usefulness of its injunctions. It appeals to the reason of man and invites him to exercise his own intellect in order to understand himself, his position and purpose in life, his conduct with his fellow
beings and his relationship with his Creator.
The Holy Quran lays down rules and regulations relating to social life commerce and economics, marriage and inheritance, penal laws and inter national conduct. It reveals the fundamental truth of religion, for example, the existence and Unity of Allah without any association, the inevitability of life after death, the existence of Heaven and Hell, the necessity of revelation etc.
In matters of religion, the Quran talks about the pillars of Islam for example it says: “And they have been commanded no more than this: To worship Allah offering Him sincere devotion, being true (in faith), to establish regular prayer and to practice regular charity: and that is the religion right and straight. (98: 5)
The Holy Quran also offers solutions to the most difficult problems of this life and provides answers to those questions upon which depends the happen and advancement of mankind. It is not only a source of guidance for the spiritual good of the Hereafter, but also for the physical and social good attainable in this world. At the individual level, it teaches good conduct, discusses Islamic ethics, treatment of neighbours, orphans, wayfarers, poor and needy members of the society. It provides us with details for the refinement of the individual and also for peaceful and congenial relations with other human beings.
We find in the Quran injunctions to arbitrate with justice, not to offer bribes, to give true evidence and to give full weight and measure. Contracts are safeguarded by commands to put them in writing, to fulfill one’s undertakings and to return a trust or deposit to its owner. The Quran provides laws that govern war which deal with the distribution of the booty and the treatment of the conquered people.
On social matters, the Holy Quran deals with institutions like marriage and divorce. Family law is fairly exhaustive and here, the main emphasis is laid on behaviour towards women, orphans, relatives, slaves and dependents. In matters of inheritance, the Quran lays down regulations on how to proceed with regard to the estate of the deceased person. Theft is prohibited and punishment is prescribed. Drinking wine, games of chance and charging interest are prohibited without a penalty being fixed. There are laws concerning retaliation and blood money, false accusations and highway robbery. Injustice even to an enemy is prohibited; rights and properties of others are to be protected and human dignity is to be respected.
The Quran is basically a Book of guidance. The guidance is to make people understand and act, according to the principles it lays down and that is the reason why it also carries with it the promise of reward for obedience and warning of punishment for disobedience.
The only way to achieve overall success in this world as well as in the Hereafter is to follow completely and sincerely the guidance the Quran has provided and regulate our lives in accordance with its commands:
“Verily this Quran doth guide to that which is most right (or stable)..
(17: 9)