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Top 3 Halal Face Mask In Islam


Glowing skin is the dream of everyone. Are you worried about glowing skin? Do you want to make your skin shine by using halal and natural products? So, Here I am telling you some natural and original products that will work instantly for glowing and clear skin you can use at your home.

Multani Mud:

Multani Mud is a halal and natural product that can be used for glowing skin. Multani Mud is the most effective product that is very useful for clear and glowing skin. It works instantly and it has many benefits. If someone uses Multani Mud for 20 minutes daily. So, His acne will be removed. Multani Mud has many benefits it works for glowing skin, remove dark spots, removes dust, dead skin, acne scars and makes skin fresh, and gives natural look. Multani mud is most famous for whitening skin. It works for glowing skin. Multani mud circulates our blood and gives our skin a natural look.

Neem Powder:

Neem Powder is a natural product. It is an antioxidant. It is very best for skin allergies, Acne, Rashes, and all other problem of the skin. Neem Powder is very best for the skin. It is very effective for removing acne. If someone applies neem powder daily for 20 minutes so he will be free from all skin problems. Neem Powder gives instant results. Neem powder is very effective for acne problems we should use neem powder for removes our acne and acne marks. We can apply the neem mask to our faces for getting natural skin.


Honey is a natural and halal product. It is very useful and effective. It is most useful in every kitchen we eat honey and also applies to our skin. So, Honey is most useful for every cure we make hair removal wax from honey and make face packs. Honey has the most benefits for skin glowing. We should use honey in the summer and winter seasons too for glowing our skin. Honey is very effective for open pores. It is most beneficial for acne we should apply honey on our face. Honey is a type of cleansing so we should massage our face with honey to get soft and clear skin.

Rose Water:

Rose Water is very effective for all skin types. It is a halal and natural product. Rose water works for glowing skin and makes our skin fresh. Most people use rose water for glowing skin. Rose water has a sweet fragrance. It gives our skin moisture and is soft also it works for removes our acne.

How To Make Face Mask For Glowing Skin:

Do you want to get clear and glowing skin? So, I will tell you about a halal facemask for getting the best results.

Multani Mitti

Neem Powder


Take 2 Table Spoon Of Multani Mud

Take 2 Table Spoon Of Neem Powder

Take 1 Table Spoon Of Honey

Take 3 Table Spoon Of Rose Water

Mix all these products very well and dissolve all these halal products to make a face mask Apply on your face for 20 Minutes Let Them Dry Now, Wash Your Face with fresh water and Apply It Daily. Inshallah, You will get the best results within 7 days.

Benefits Of Halal Face Mask:

This face mask has many benefits. It makes skin a fresh natural look. It is very beneficial for removing dead skin, dark circles, anti-aging problems, rashes, blood circulation, acne marks, open pores, dark skin, and all other problems. When you will use this face mask you will get a natural look on your face. So keep using this face mask.

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