#Benefits Of Haft Haikal – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Haft Haikal – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Haft Haikal

Haft Haikal In fact, This Dua is the collection of different Surah of the Quran. That arrange in seven separate parts called Haft Haikal. Haikal called such a fortification. By which man protect from external attacks and disasters. Such are the Haft Haikal. The reciter will always under the protection of Allah SWT and he will protect in every way. Haft Haikal has very benefits and virtues some are as follow.

Whoever make a habit to recite Haft Haikal. His wealth will increase. If anyone has any financial problem. So, He should recite Haft Haikal on any time of day after isha is best time. By the mercy of Allah SWT his problems will go away. If someone has a debt. So, He should make a habit to recite Haft Haikal. Inshallah, His debt will paid off.

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Haft Haikal is very effective for all kinds of external pressure. If ghost are live in somewhere. So, recite Haft Haikal 111 times for 40 days. Inshallah, They will runaway. If someone make a habit to recite Haft Haikal. He and his family will be safe from ghost effect.

Whoever recite Haft Haikal 1 time daily.He will be safe from hell. If someone recite Haft Haikal 7 times. If he seeks the help from Allah SWT for the sake of his dear relatives and parents. Allah SWT will forgive them and save them from the fire.

Whoever recite Haft Haikal. He will get love of Allah SWT. If someone recite Haft Haikal in tahajjud prayer. So, Allah SWT will blessed him with religion. If he has any wish then Allah SWT will fulfilled his wish.