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99 Names Of Allah For Love Married

In this 21st Century, it is very difficult to find the best proposer for girls even boys. It is too hard to find the best spouse for girls and boys. Parents are very worried about their children getting married to the best person whom they love. If their children like anyone and they are not sincere with them so it is very hard for those my sister and brother they are rejected.

So, Here I will bring some outstanding Dua that will affect instant “Love Marriage” And “Arrange Marriage”. This Dua can perform boy, girl, or even their parents to find the best spouse for their children.

Wazifa For Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage:

Write the beautiful 99 Names Of Allah SWT on white A4 paper. You can make a photocopy of these beautiful names on A4 size paper. Cut the names into little pieces and make them separate.

On another side, Bring 1.25 KG Wheat Flour and Knead the dough to make 99 small rolls from the dough and insert the names of Allah in each roll. Let them dry and feed them to fish in the sea. When you fall the balls into the sea or ocean where fish live make a Dua “Oh Allah SWT please send the proposer of myself ( Name Of Person) ( Name Of Parents)”. If you recite for love marriage, So, make a Dua Oh Allah Send the proposer of myself whom I love”.

Also, Recite this Dua “Oh Allah SWT please help me like you help Prophet Yunus you freed him from water. Please send the proposer for myself”.

Conditions Of Performing This Wazifa:

Make Fresh Ablution

Recite Bismillah

Make a Niyat

Perform Prayer

When This Wazifa Can Be Performed:

Perform this Wazifa between the time of the Asr prayer and the Maghrib Prayer.

Important Note:

This Wazifa only can perform on Thursday ( Friday Night) perform this Wazifa 8 Thursday. you will see the best results from this Wazifa. Jazallah

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