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#Dua For Remove Depression – Islam Peace Of Heart

Dua For Overcome Depression
In this modern period lots of people are worry about their life, education, jobs, married purpose, family problems, children problems, relation problems, financial problems, and much more. They much think and they fall in depression. Depression is the common cause of death. Depression decrease your positive energy, your confidence level, your happiness and makes you angry. Depress people always love to cry, and they want to spent time with loneliness. Everyone has their own problem they much think about little little things they loss their life because of depression because depression is a feelings that makes you sad and this is not good for health. So, in this blogger i will tell you Some Powerful Dua or Wazaif that will remove your depression and get you back at your life.
Ya Allah
Ya Allah is the name of Allah SWT and obviously it is very effective for every thing because Allah SWT name has strong power to remove depression. If someone makes a habit to recite the name of Allah SWT 1000  times before and after 3 or 11 times Durood Pak after Isha Prayer or Fajr Prayer his depression will be removed permanently. If he can’t recite 1000 times then he should recite 100 times after each prayer and continue till your depression removed. 
Durood Pak 
Durood Pak has spiritual power it is very blessed for everything. Durood Pak has every cure of every problem. If a person makes a habit to recite any of his favourite Durood Pak without skip any day his depression will be removed and he will get peace of his mind and heart. He will feel very happy and he will be interested in his life, his bad habits will be change into good habits and also the love of the Prophet PBUH will increase in his heart. I recommend that, everyone should recite Durood Pak after Isha Prayer and make your secret relation with the Holy Prophet PBUH. Inshallah you will forget your depression permanently.
Surah Ad-Duha
Surah Ad-Duha is most effective Surah for depression because in Surah Ad-Duha Allah SWT has mention about life and hereafter that when you feel depress think about death and when you happy think about your life after death. Surah Ad-Duha is pure Surah about life  if someone depress from his life he should recite Surah Ad-Duha 100 times after fajr prayer and 100 times after Isha Prayer and keep reciting till your depression will totally removed. Surah Ad-Duha not only remove your depression but it boost up your thinking energy and convert your negative energy with positive energy. Surah Ad-Duha makes you happy and it will open the door of happiness.
Ablution is another cure of remove depression permanently because when you make ablution the negative thinking cells will turn into positivity and it also increase beauty , it open the spirituality and it change the life. 
This Dua is very powerful for remove depression. You can recite this Dua without any permission. But you can recite this Dua any one from these. No one can recite many Dua at one time only one time perform one wazifa to get best results. 

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