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Dua For Remove Evil Eye
Evil Eye is the kind of jealous poison that is inside some people. If such a person looks at someone with a deep eye so he will fall in Evil Eye. Therefore, it is a fact of fall in evil eye.
Eye contact is not limited to humans On the contrary, children, animals, fields, wealth, possessions can be seen on everything To avoid Evil eye it is important that whenever you like something like property, children, wife, farm, house etc.
Or if you like something and you appreciate it, say Mashallah immediately The effect of sight will disappear from this thing.
If something catches my eye then we see something good say ( Allahuma Barik Alaihi ) The blessing of this word will not affect the evil eye.
It is narrated from Imam Abu Al Qasim Qashiri  Once a boy fell ill. He did not recover from any medicines. Even he will be in a state of near death.
I saw the Holy Prophet in a dream. I asked the Holy Prophet about this boy. The Holy Prophet PBUH said: write Ayat E Shifa in the paper and dissolve it in the water and feed that boy. When he acted on it, he was healed.
Imam Abdullah says I was on a journey and my camel was very fast and cunning. When I landed on a floor, a man told me that your camel is very beautiful, Here is a man you should protect him from his evil eye. If he catches his evil eye, then your camel will die.
I said my camel can’t fall in evil eye. When this person got the news of my camel, he took one look at my camel. My camel fell down and began to suffer. The people said: that this person has seen your camel with evil eyes.
When he start recited this Dua by sitting this person in front of himself ( Bismillahe Hibsah Habis ) his eyes are springing out at this time and his camel will recover.
This incident shows the effect of the word of Allah. When the effect of magic can be eliminated, why can’t the effect of vision be eliminated from the divine word Allah.
So if you have the illusion of looking at yourself of evil eye, then recite these verse three times and blow on yourself. ( WA Iya Qadulazina KAFARU LA yuzlikonaka beabsarehim lama sami’uzakra wayaqoloona Inaho Lamajnoon. WA MA HUWA ILA zikrulil aalamina )
And if it catches the eye of someone else. If you have evil eye of someone else, then sit the person beside you and recite this ( Bismillahe Hibsah Habis Ya Shajar Ya Bis Ya Shihab Qabis Radadtu Aynal Aaeene WA Alaa Aha Binas Ilahe Farji IL  Basara QaraTaeene Yan Qalib Ilaqal Basaru Khasiawa Hasiir )
This Dua is very effective even the evil eye person is not infront of you. IF Someone has evil eye recite this Dua ( Bismillahe Allahuma Izhab Haraha Wabardaha WA WA Sabha ).
If an animal has evil eye then recite this Dua 4 time and blow on his right head. After this recite this Dua ( LA Bas AZ Ha Bil Bas Rabanas Ish Fi Lana Anta Shafi LA Shakshifu Dura Ila Anta ) Inshallah , The effect of evil eye will over.
If someone has evil eye he should take 1 teaspoon of salt and recite 7 times Surah Quraish with Bismillah and starts from right head to toe of a person that has evil eye. Again start from left toe to right head 7 times and this salt will dissolve in water . Inshallah, His evil eye will over.
If someone has a evil eye then he should take 1 glass of water and turn from head to toe 7 times. Threw water spring out of the house. Inshallah the evil eye will over.