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Duas & Supplications

Duas & Supplications Introduction: In the rich tapestry of Islamic spirituality, duas (supplications) hold a place of profound significance. they’re not merely ritualistic practices but deep, intimate conversations between a believer and the writer. Duas encompass various emotional and spiritual expressions, from earnest pleas for assistance to heartfelt gratitude. this article delves into the essence … Read more

#Benefits Of Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Wakeel – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Wakeel Introduction: Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Wakeel is an Arabic phrase that translates to “Allah is enough for us and He is the best disposer of affairs.” It is a powerful statement of faith and trust in Allah. Reciting this phrase can bring many benefits to those who believe in its meaning and … Read more

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#Benefits Of Dua Mustajab – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua Mustajab Dua Mustajab has many spiritual benefits. If someone recites Dua Mustajab every day Inshallah all the sins of the reciter will be forgiven. If someone can’t recite this dua every day. So, He should recite this Dua every week. If he can’t recite this Dua every week. So, He can recite this Dua … Read more

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#Dua Before Sleeping – Islam Peace Of Heart 

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Dua Before Sleeping It is obligatory to recite Some Dua before sleeping. Because we don’t know what will happen when we sleep. So, every Muslim should recite some dua inshallah he will be safe from sudden death, the devil’s whisper, robbery, and all external attacks. These Dua are very powerful. If someone recites this dua … Read more

#99 Names Of Allah For Love Married – Islam Peace Of Heart

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99 Names Of Allah For Love Married In this 21st Century, it is very difficult to find the best proposer for girls even boys. It is too hard to find the best spouse for girls and boys. Parents are very worried about their children getting married to the best person whom they love. If their … Read more

#Surah Yaseen #Verse36 For Marriage – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Yaseen For Marriage Surah Yaseen is also known for being married. If anyone is worried about their married problems. Like, Good Marriage Proposal, Marriage Fixing Date, Marriage Acceptance, etc., or facing the problem of married. You didn’t receive any married proposal. So here is Surah Yaseen Wazifa for married. Anyone can recite this Dua … Read more

#YaLatifu #YaWadoodo For Love Marriage – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Ya Latifu Ya Wadoodo For Love Marriage Ya Wadood and Ya Lateef is the most famous and beneficial name of Allah SWT. It is recited for love marriage. If any person recites this name together. Inshallah, They will get lots of benefits from this name. Because this name has the power to achieve something. This … Read more

#Dua For Overcome Anger – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua For Overcome Anger Anger is Haram in Islam. Anger is the favorite thing of Shaitan (Devil). Anger is the most dangerous thing it increases our Blood Pressure, and removes our good deeds, It is most dangerous for our health and also mental health too. Anger remove our intellect. So here are some Dua we … Read more