#Benefits Of Dua Aman – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Dua Aman – Islam Peace Of Heart
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Dua Aman

“Dua Aman” is the Dua of peace, security and safety because it has the characteristic that where this “Dua Aman” is recited, everything is under the protection of Allah SWT that is why it is called “Dua Aman”.

Whoever recite “Dua Aman” 1 time before sleeping he will be protected from every danger even the danger of his life and property and thieves.

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If there is a risk of something being stolen so, recite “Dua Aman” 11 time and blow on something Inshallah, This things will be safe from stolen. This Dua is also protect the reciter from difficulties and ghost.

If there is a fight in a home or a family so recite this “Dua Aman” 11 times for 40 days on final day blow on meal and feed it to everyone Inshallah, There will never be a quarrel in the house they will be safe from every difficulty.

If this Dua is read while traveling, there will be a good return. If there is a danger of a fight, then recite this “Dua Aman” again and again. With the blessing of this Dua, the fight will ends.

In such a place where protection is required, hang this Dua on a rope. Inshallah, everything will be safe. There are two kinds of “Dua Aman”, one is large and one is short.