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Ya Latifu Ya Wadoodo For Love Marriage

Ya Wadood and Ya Lateef is the most famous and beneficial name of Allah SWT. It is recited for love marriage. If any person recites this name together. Inshallah, They will get lots of benefits from this name. Because this name has the power to achieve something. This beautiful name is the favorite name of Allah SWT.

Ya Wadood Ya Lateef is a very effective Wazifa for Hajat, love marriage, and good marriage proposal, anyone can recite this Wazifa for any valid wish. Because this name has the power to fulfill the wish.

So If anyone recites the name “Ya Wadood Ya Lateefu” 1100 times after Asar Prayer before and after 11 times Durood Pak. Inshallah, He/she will get back their love.

Method Of Reciting This Wazifa:

Make a fresh ablution

Must Perform Asr Prayer

Turn Qiblah

Recite 11 Times Durood Ibrahim

Recite 1100 Ya Wadood Ya Lateefu

Make a Dua From Allah SWT


Do it till your marriage


This Wazifa is not for only love marriage you can recite a good marriage proposal or find a good job. If anyone recites this Wazifa he/she will be a miracle in his/her life. Inshallah, They will get their destiny.

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