#Aqiqah – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Aqiqah Hadith The Holy Prophet PBUH said: Two goats from the boy and one goat from the girl. There is no problem with it whether it is male or female from both sides. ( Abu Daood) (Tirmidhi) (Nasaai) The Messenger of Allah slaughtered a goat in Aqiqah on behalf of Imam Hasan, And said, Fatimah, … Read more


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RIGHTS OF PARENTS  It is obligatory to treat parents well. Allah said: Translation: “If one or both of your parents reach old age in your life, don’t even call them ‘Ufff’ or any other words”. (Surah Bani Israel Verse 23). In another verse. “Let the two of them be good together in the world”. (Surah … Read more

#10 Hygiene Awareness – Islam Peace Of Heart

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10 Hygiene Awareness Five things are related to the face and five things are related to the rest of the body. The first five are: Cleaning Under Legs Hair Cleaning Under Arms Hair Cutting nails Submerging with water Circumcision Evidence of shortening the lips is found in the hadeeth narrated by Ibn Umar that the … Read more

#Rights Of The Non-Muslim – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Rights Of The Non-Muslim Islam is a religion of love, mercy and tolerance and it preaches it belief and faith. It recognizes the rights of non-Muslims living in an lslamic State. They were called protected people or zimmies because they lived peace and tranquility under the protection of the Islamic State. The messenger of Allah … Read more