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Miswak is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Miswak is a piece of wood that is used to clean the teeth and mouth. In the old days, people used to brush their teeth with Miswak. Today I am going to tell you some benefits of Miswak that will help you to get an advantage from it.

  • Miswak is the source of teeth cleanliness.
  • The Miswak eliminates mucus.
  • It increases eyesight.
  • It’s a clear voice.
  • It purifies the stomach.
  • It produces freshness in worship.
  • It increases good deeds.
  • It increases the faith in Allah SWT.
  • Miswak help to digest food fast.
  • The Miswak eliminates mouth ulcers.
  • The Miswak eliminates mouth injury.
  • Miswak makes the gums healthy.
  • Miswak strong the teeth.
  • It removes the smell of the mouth.
  • It stops the oldness.
  • If a person prays by doing Miswak, Allah SWT will reward him with 70 prayers.
  • Whoever does Miswak and then perform namaz, Then at the time of death the angel will tell him to recite the Kalima.
  • Do Miswak to your teeth, and the women of your house will become chaste.
  • When you perform ablution with a Miswak, the angel walks with you from the house to the mosque And sniffs the fragrance of your mouth.
  • Miswak Boost memory.
  • Miswak will increase the beauty of your teeth.
  • Miswak helps you to stop a cavity in your teeth.
  • Miswak will boost your teeth’ gum.


When the Jibril came to the Holy Prophet PBUH and said: Do Miswak, Do Miswak the Holy Prophet PBUH said: I thought it might be obligatory. That’s why I didn’t use a Miswak all the time. Sometimes I left the Miswak. So, that it would not be obligatory on my ummah.

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