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Miswak is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet PBUH. Miswak is the piece of wood which is used to clean the teeth and mouth. In the old days, people used to brush their teeth with Miswak. Today I am going to tell you some benefit of Miswak that will help you to get advantage from it.
  • Miswak is the source of teeth cleanliness.
  • The Miswak eliminates mucus.
  • It increase eye sight.
  • It clear voice.
  • It purifies stomach.
  • It produce the freshness in worship.
  • It increase the good deeds.
  • It increase the faith on Allah SWT. 
  • Miswak help to digest food fast.
  • The Miswak eliminates mouth ulcers.
  • The Miswak eliminates mouth injury.
  • Miswak makes the gums healthy.
  • Miswak strong the teeth.
  • It remove the smell of mouth.
  • It stop the oldness.
  • If a person prays with doing miswak, Allah SWT will reward him 70 prayer.
  • Whoever do miswak and then perform namaz, Then at the time of death the angel will tell him to recite the Kalima.
  • Do miswak to your teeth, the women of your house will become chaste.
  • When you perform ablution with a miswak, the angel walks with you from the house to the mosque, And sniffs the fragrance of your mouth.
  • Miswak Boost memory.
  • Miswak will increase the beauty of your teeth.
  • Miswak help you to stop cavity in your teeth.
  • Miswak will boost your teeth gum.
When the Jibril came to the Holy Prophet PBUH and said: Do Miswak, Do Miswak the Holy Prophet PBUH said: I thought it might be an obligatory. That’s why I didn’t use a miswak all the time. Sometimes I left the miswak. So, that it would not be obligatory on my ummah.