It is obligatory to treat parents well. Allah said:


“If one or both of your parents reach old age in your life, don’t even call them ‘Ufff’ or any other words”. (Surah Bani Israel Verse 23).

In another verse. “Let the two of them be good together in the world”. (Surah Luqman Verse 14).

In another verse. “Give thanks to me and your parents” (Surah Luqman Verse 14).

You have to come back to me. Ibn Abbas said: The one who will do it in the morning while annoying the parents, He will have two gates of Hell in the morning, and he who spends the evening angering his parents. For this, there will be two gates of Hell in the evening, And if it annoys one, there will be a door, Even though the parents have abused her. It is narrated by Abdullah Ibn Umar: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: The pleasure of Allaah is in the pleasure of parents and the displeasure of Allaah is in the displeasure of parents.

It is also narrated from Abdullah that a man said to the Messenger of Allah, “I intend jihad.” The Messenger of Allah said, “Are your parents alive?” He said yes. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Serve them, because serving your parents is the only way to get the reward of jihad.” There is a case for doing good with parents. To fulfill their needs, to stop them from hurting them, and to be gentle with them like a child. Don’t get tired of them and their deeds. Let him bear the pain of giving, Do not raise your voice above theirs, If there is no Shariah opposition, he should not oppose them in any work. This means that there is no obligation to obey one’s parents. Such as Hajj, five daily prayers, fasting, zakat, expiation, the sight of Allah’s name, etc. And committing Haraam and forbidden acts such as adultery, drinking alcohol, killing, Accusing someone of adultery, and taking illicit goods, such as robbery, Because the Messenger of Allah said: Disobedience of creatures in disobedience to Allah. And Allah said:


“If your parents make it a secret to you to associate anything with Allah, yet you do not know to associate anything with Him. So don’t listen to them, yes, give them a good go in the world”. (Surah Liqmaan Verse 15)

From these verses and hadiths, it is known that whoever orders disobedience to Allah or disobedience to Allah will not be obeyed.  According to the narration of Abu Talib, if a person observes the prayers of his parents in the congregation, then Imam Ahmad said about him: Obedience to one’s parents is not obligatory, but it is permissible for the obedient parents to abandon the Nafil.

One of the ways to do good to one’s parents is to abandon one’s relationship with them and those with whom the parents belong should also keep this time. In the case of parents, he should be as angry with his opponents as he is with himself, If there is a tendency in parents to be angry, So remember that he was the one who raised her, They stayed awake for him, He was kind and tired of serving him and remember the command of Allah that, If the memory of parental affection does not subside the anger, then consider it unfortunate and suffering the wrath of Allah. If he is against the command of Allah, then he should ask Allah after he gets angry.

If traveling is obligatory and he does not travel without the permission of his parents, he will not be able to do jihad, Yes, if the journey has been fixed with their permission then go. Don’t hurt the parents because if the separation causes the parents to show up, then it is forbidden for others to do the same. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Allah’s curse is on the one who separates the mother and her child.” If you can get food and drink from somewhere, then give the best food to your parents, they too often go hungry and he has given her his upper hand and his stomach is full and he has awakened himself and he has slept.

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