#Islamic Wazaif And Dua – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Islamic Wazaif Introduction: Islamic Wazaif is a term that refers to the devotional acts and prayers that are performed by Muslims in order to seek the blessings and help of Allah. These acts can include reciting specific verses from the Quran, making supplications, and performing physical actions such as prostrations. Islamic Wazaif: One of the … Read more

#Best Way To Give Sadaqah – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Best Way To Give Sadaqah Introduction Of Saqadah: Sadaqah is an Arabic term that refers to voluntary charity or philanthropy in Islam. It is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam, along with the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage. Sadaqah can take many forms, including giving money or goods to the poor, … Read more

#4 Common Mistakes In Salah – Islam Peace Of Heart

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4 Common Mistakes In Salah Every Muslim should consider performing Salah according to the Sunnah. Most people don’t know they made a mistake and don’t consider as a mistake. We must improve our Salah method to get more rewards from Allah SWT. If we perform Salah perfectly so Allah SWT will remove our all sins … Read more

#Tasbeeh (Dhikr) After Namaz – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Tasbeeh (Dhikr) After Namaz Is there any Tasbeeh after Namaz? Yes, You can recite Tasbeeh after Namaz. It is the Dhikr you can recite to get more rewards from Allah SWT. This Tasbeeh has many benefits if you recite these Tasbeeh after 5 times prayers. Inshallah, Allah SWT will send blessings on you and you … Read more

#Dua After Salah (Prayers) – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua After Salah (Prayers) Most people are confused about that is there any Dua reciting after Salah or Prayers that will be most beneficial. So, The answer is yes. You can recite Surah After Salah the Holy Prophet PBUH commands us to recite these Dua. Here are 5 Surahs you can recite After each prayer … Read more

#Daily Life Muslim Prayers – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Daily Muslim Prayers Our Holy Prophet PBUH teaches us to perform daily prayers. In Islam, it is obligatory on Muslims to perform their prayers. So, Here are some prayers that a Muslim should perform in his daily life routine. It will remove our sins and rewards us. 5 Times Prayer: Muslims should perform 5 times … Read more