Daily Life Of Muslim

Muslims are very lucky over the world. Because we only worship Allah SWT. They believe in one God. Allah SWT commands us to start the day by reciting Tasbeeh Of Allah SWT.

We should start and end our day worshiping Allah SWT. Here are some most important tips. I will share it with you to start your day.

1) Perform Fajr Prayer:

Fajr Prayer is the starting Prayer of the day. We should start our day to perform Fajr Prayer. When someone performs Fajr Prayer. His all work will be completed. His all-day remains good. People give respect to themselves. It is very important for us to start our day with Fajr Prayer.

2) Recites Quran Pak:

Quran Pak is the most important for every Muslim. Every Muslim should recite Quran Pak. Because reciting Quran Pak has many benefits. It increases our knowledge, removes bad habits, forgives sins, and most important thing it is the light in the graveyard.

So, When someone starts his day by reciting the Quran Pak. His all-day remains good.

3) Respect Parents:

Is most important thing is that it is obligatory for everyone. We should give respect our parents and serve them. Because these are the key of Jannah.

4) Starts Work With Reciting Bismillah:

Starts your work with Bismillah. If anyone starts his work with Bismillah. So, His all work will be done. Allah SWT will help him.

5) Recite Durood Pak:

When someone recites Durood Pak 100 times a day. All sins will be forgiven. So, Make a habit to recite Durood Pak.

6) Say Mashallah:

In day Muslims should say these words when they look at something that is very beautiful. So, Must say Mashallah.

7) Say Inshallah:

If anyone uses the word Inshallah before starting any work his work will be performed. So, Make your Habit to say Mashallah.

8) Say Greetings (Aslam-U-Alaaikum):

It is narrated in the hadith sharif that if any Muslim says greetings before entering his house or something else say greetings (Aslam-U-Alaaikum) to the known person and the unknown person. It will remove your sins.

9) Perform 5 times Prayer:

If anyone performs 5 times prayers in a day. All sins will be forgiven. All work will be done. So, Recite 5 times prayers.

10) Recite Third Kalima:

It is very important to recite the third Kalima 100 times in a day. Inshallah, Whatever he wants will get. Also, He will be safe from Kufr. So, Must recite Kalima Tamjeed.

11) Must Pay Sadaqah:

If anyone pays sadaqah in a day. He will be safe from every external attack.

12) Recite Ayat-Ul-Kursi:

When someone goes outside of the home. So, Recite Ayat-Ul-Kursi 1 time and blow on yourself. Inshallah Will be safe from all external attacks, evil eyes, Sudden death, Accident, and much more. So, Must Recite Ayat-Ul-Kursi.

13) Must Recite Astaghfurullah:

If anyone recites Astaghfurullah 100 times daily. His all sins will be removed. So, Every Muslim should start to recite Astaghfirullah 100 times to get rewards from Allah SWT.

14) Make Flour Balls:

If anyone wants to increase his sustenance and get rid of poverty. So, Make Flour Balls and feed them to the fish. It will increase your wealth and increase your good deeds.

15) Feed Birds:

So, Do you want to increase your rewards? Must feed birds they will pray for you from Allah SWT. And Allah SWT will increase your wealth. So, Please make one portion of birds feeding it will increase your rewards.

16) Recite Tasbeeh Fatima:

Of anyone reciting Tasbeeh Fatima 100 times. So, His all tiredness will be removed. Must Recite Tasbeeh Fatima before bed.


These are the best Dua and habits every Muslim should follow to start and end their day with the best and good luck. Inshallah, His all-day will remain good. So, Perform these Wazifa to get a good place in the Jannah.

These all are the best tips to start and end your day with good rewards. Inshallah, Allah SWT will remove your all sins and will give you the best place in the Jannah. So, When you follow these tips Must remember Me in your Prayers. Because I write to you. May Allah SWT rewards you and me. Jazakallah.


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