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Islamic Short Dua Read Every Day

Muslims should start their day to recite some Dua. These Dua are the source of our success and keep us safe from sins. If any Muslim start his day in Prayer. Allah SWT appointed an angel for him to keep protect him from every external attack.

We are human beings and we are sinners. Our lord is most merciful he loves his all creators. He forgives our all sins. We should Perform prayer and recite these Short Dua.

So, Here are some short Dua each Muslim should recite every day and send to others as a Sadaqah.

Perform 5 Times Prayer:

Prayer is obligatory for each Muslim. Allah SWT commands us in Quran,

2:153 O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer.

The first question will be asked by Allah SWT on the day of Judgement. Prayer is most important for every Muslim. If any Muslim performs prayer. So, Allah SWT forgives his all sins.


Recite Bismillah Before and after each prayer. Because when any Muslim recites Bismillah. So, He will remain in the protection of Allah SWT.

Surah Fatiha:

Surah Fatiha is the Opening and First Surah of the Quran. It is very beneficial Surah. The main theme if Surah Fatiha is to recite the only name of Allah SWT. This Surah is the source of rewards and blessings.

Surah Ikhlas:

If anyone recites Surah Ikhlas after Fajar Prayer. He will be safe from devil attacks. The main theme of Surah Ikhals is to accept Allah SWT that he is only one. This Surah is also very beneficial to keep safe from Shirk.


If any Muslim makes a habit to recite Astaghfirullah 100 times a day. His all major and minor sins will be forgiven. Also, he will be safe from external attacks.

Ya-Hayu Ya-Qayum:

This Dua is very effective for an alive heart. If any Muslim recites this name of Allah SWT 70 times after each prayer. he will be safe from depression and heart beating.

Surah Rehman:

Surah Rehman is the most powerful Dua for good luck. If any Muslim recites Surah Rehman once a day after the Zohar prayer. Allah SWT will open all the closed gates on him.

Surah Fath:

Surah Fath is another Dua that can be recited each day. If any Muslim recites Surah Fath 1 time after Zohr Prayer. Inshallah, He will succeed in his all field.

Tasbeeh Fatima:

Tasbeeh Fatima is Also can be recited before bed. Because any Muslim when feels tired and goes to sleep and recites this beautiful Tasbeeh. All tiredness will go away.


This dua is very beneficial for work. If any Muslim follows these steps and makes a habit to start these Dua. Inshallah, His life will be easy and he will feel happy. Share with others as Sadaqah. Jazakallah

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