The Holy Prophet PBUH said: Two goats from the boy and one goat from the girl. There is no problem with it whether it is male or female from both sides. ( Abu Daood) (Tirmidhi) (Nasaai)

The Messenger of Allah slaughtered a goat in Aqiqah on behalf of Imam Hasan, And said, Fatimah, shave his head and give a silver charity equal to the vision of the hair. (Tirmidhi)

When Imam Hasan was born, the Messenger of Allah gave the Adhan in his ear. (Tirmidhi)

Conditions Of Aqiqah:

When a child is born, Aqiqah must be performed on the seventh day. Shaved his head, And gold or silver should be given in charity equal to the vision of his hair. A good name should be given to the child on this day. It is preferable to immediately name Muhammad. In Aqeeqah, there should not be any non-Sharia ritual. The condition of the sacrificial animal must be present in the animal of Aqeeqah. There can be seven Aqeeqahs in one cow.

Aqeeqah may be part of the sacrifice of cows. The meat of Aqeeqah should also be distributed among the poor. It is well known among the people that the flesh of Aqeeqah should not be eaten by the child’s parents and grandparents. This is wrong. Aqeeqah is not even mentioned in Shariah.


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