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Surah Zilzaal Explanation


1. When the world is shaken to her utmost convulsion,
2. and also the earth contributes to her burdens,
3. And the man cries out: ‘What is that the matter with her?
4. on it day will she declare her tidings:
5. For that your Lord will have given her inspiration.
6. thereon day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown their deeds.
7. Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of excellent see it!
8. And anyone Who has done an atom’s weight of evil shall see it.


Surah Zilzaal refers to the tremendous convulsion and uprooting which is able to occur on the Day of Judgement when the earth is going to be shaken to the extent of its possibility, the current order of the globe is dissolved and therefore the new belief of Truth and Justice will take its place.

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The symbol used here is that of an earthquake which could be a terrifying phenomenon in its suddenness and its power to destroy and uproot the Strongest buildings. The inner levels of the world are thrown up as if they were a burden to the world.

An identical statement has also been made “And when the planet is flattened out, and casts forth what’s within it and becomes (clean) empty.

The Surah goes on to say the confusion and bewilderment of the dead after they will rise to live at the sight of those incidents going down before them. Elsewhere, the Quran says:

“Ah! Woe unto us! Who hath raised u’ up from our beds of repose (36:52)

In that great and final convulsion, the dead will rise; matters, motives, and deeds, even the foremost secret ones which had been hidden and buried are dropped at the light, and justice is through with absolute Truth. this can be because Allah will give the command or direction to the world to inform the full story Of what it knows.

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Human beings will proceed to receive judgment and they will receive their Book of Deeds which is able to be presented to every man and he is astonished to determine that each big and tiny matter is mentioned in it. This is also stated

“(It are said to him) Read thine (own) record; sufficient is thy soul these days to form out an account against thee. ” (17: 14)

The righteous will be rewarded more generously than what they’ll actually deserve and their minor sins are forgiven if they had safeguarded -against the key sins. The punishment for the evil deeds of the non-believers are going to be up to the deed and no injustice is done to anybody. The Quran says:

“On the Day when every soul are going to be confronted with all the nice it’s done, and every one the evil it’s done. (3: 30)

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