Surah Naas Explanation


l. Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind,
2. The King of mankind,
3. The God of Mankind,
4. From the mischief of the whisperer who withdraws,
5. Who whispers into the hearts of mankind,
6. Among jinn and among mankind.


Surah Naas concludes the Holy Quran with an appeal to us to trust in Allah as our protector. It mentions the threefold relationship of man with Allah:

1) Allah is his Lord, Maker, and Cherisher. He sustains• for him and .cares for him. He provides him with all. the mean for his growth and development and his protection against evil.

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2) . Allah is his King and Ruler. He has the Authority to guide his conduct. He has given laws to steer to his welfare.

3) Allah is the Judge and also the Goal of the Hereafter to Whom all mankind will return to relinquish an account Of their deeds during this life. he’s the sole Being entitled to man’s worship the least bit of times.

In each of those capacities, Allah safeguards His servants. there’s nobody besides Him with whom refuge is also sought and who can actually give refuge.

The Surah further asks us to hunt refuge from the evil of the whisperer who repeatedly whispers evil suggestions into the hearts of mankind in such a way that man might not even realize that evil has been put into his heart. The whisperer tries time and again to repeat the act of whispering. When an individual remembers Allah, the devil holds himself back, but when he becomes unmindful of the remembrance of Allah, the devil again comes forward. Therefore, the refuge is to be sought from the very root of evil i.e., the secret. suggestions of evil. it’s for this reason that the Quran says: “And say: O my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee from the suggestions of the evil ones. ” (23: 97)

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“If suggestion from Satan assail thy (mind) seek refuge with Allah” (7:200)

The act of evil whispering is also done by the devil and his helpers, or evil temptations within man himself. There is also from among jinn furthermore as from among men as confirmed by the Quran:

“Likewise did We work every messenger an enemy-evil ones among men and jinns (6: 112)

In a very traditional, the Holy Prophet PBUH also confirmed that devils are among men also. (Ahmad, Nasai)

In line with the Quran, the devil won’t be ready to deviate from the righteous servants of Allah and, therefore, it’s said:

“When thou dost read the Quran, seek Allah ‘s protection from Satan, the Rejected one. ” (16: 98)


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