Surah Ad-Duha (93)


l. By the wonderful morning light,
2. And by the night
3. Lord has not forsaken you, neither is he displeased,
4. And truly the Hereafter is going to be better for you than the current.
5, and shortly your Lord will offer you in order that you will be pleased.
6. Did He not find you an orphan and provides you shelter?
7. And He found you wandering, and He gave you guidance.
8. And He found you in need, and made you independent:
9. Therefore, do not treat the orphan with harshness,
10. Nor drive the: beggar away;
ll. But tell about the bounty of your Lord!


Several traditions show. that revelation to the Holy Prophet PBUH had remained suspended for a little time. the amount was farewell that the Holy Prophet PBUH became anxious and distressed and therefore the unbelievers began to mention that his Lord had forsaken him. This was a dark period within the Holy life because the link with Allah through Jibril’s visit was his only comfort and support in the face of rejection. The revelations were the sources from which the Holy Prophet PBUH derived strength to face steadfastly against the unbelievers who were bent upon directing a wicked and vile attack against the Prophet PBUH’s call to faith and guidance.

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This Surah was sent right down to remove his anxiety and distress and to inform him that his Lord had neither forsaken him nor was He displeased with him.

If the Prophet PBUH had been constantly exposed to the sunshine of revelation, his nerves wouldn’t withstand it. Allah had provided a prospect in order that the consequences of revelation passed on to the great beyond and complete peace was restored to him. It had nothing to try and do with Allah being pleased with him when He sent down a revelation and displeased when he suspended it. In other words, the rising Of the sun of revelation is analogous to the intense day and therefore the period of a break to the stillness and peace of the night.

It also gives excellent news to the Holy Prophet PBUH that the hardships that he was facing within the initial stages of his mission wouldn’t last long. he’s told to carry this of less account than the Hereafter which awaited him just like the glorious morning after an evening of stillness. The Hereafter wasn’t only within the future life, but his later life on earth which might be filled with victory and satisfaction when Allah will bless him so abundantly that he would be pleased.

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This Surah, although addressed to the Holy Prophet PBUH, features a far wider purpose; it’s meant to console every faithful believer laid low with sorrows and bitter hardships of this life.

Reference is additionally made here to the Holy Prophet PBUH being an orphan and Allah’s favor to create arrangements to assist him in this state, therefore,’ in gratitude, he should see ‘that no poor or orphan is treated harshly.

Another favor of Allah was the guidance bestowed upon the Holy Prophet PBUH when he was wandering in search of truth. Still, another favorite of Allah was the truth, pure and sincere love of Bibi Khadija Kubra which not only raised him above want but made him independent of worldly needs, enabling him to devote his time to the service of Allah.

Lastly, the Surah advises the Holy Prophet PBUH to proclaim the bounties of Allah by acknowledging that each bounty received is thanks to His grace and sharing them with others.


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