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Surah Alaq Verse (96: 1-5)


l. Read! within the name of you? Lord, who created,
2. Created man out of a clot of congealed blood:
3. Proclaim! And your Lord is most bountiful,
4. He who taught by the pen,
5. Taught man what he failed to know.


These verses of Surah Alaq represent the start Of revelation through Hazrat Jibril to the Holy Prophet PBUH while he was meditating within the cave of Hira during the last ten days of Ramazan. When the angel asked him to read within the name of the Creator and Cherisher, Hazrat Muhammad PBUH understood that he was called upon to receive and understand Allah’s message to mankind.

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Although unlettered, the Prophet’s PBUH mind and soul were stuffed with spiritual knowledge and therefore the time had come for him to declare or proclaim his mission. it’s going to be noted that the first duty of a Prophet PBUH isn’t to provide ideas born in his own mind but to transfer the Book of Divine Truth and reproduce its desiring to mankind without additions or subtractions. it’s also a requirement of all people who read and understand the Quran to read the reality.

The Surah further mentions the creation of man, stating specifically, that man was created from an insignificant clot of blood and taught the utilization of pen by Allah.

The pen has always been a strong means for the spread of data of terrorist groups specifically and of data generally. it’s because of the pen that knowledge has been recorded in writing and transmitted from one person to a different and from one generation to generation.

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The man was initially without knowledge. Whatever knowledge he obtained, was given to him as a present from Allah. during this connection, the Quran says:

“And He taught Adam the names of all things ” (2: 31)

Further, Allah from time to time taught knowledge of the seen and unseen through revelations to His prophets. The Quran says: Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth (2: 255)

This very first revelation refers to man’s evolution out of a germ cell contrasting the simplicity of his biological origins along with his moral, intellectual and spiritual potential which clearly indicates the existence of a purpose underlying the creation of life.

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