Surah Al-Fatiha (#Verse1-7)

Allah’s relationship with the created world:

6) Surah Fatiha Translation:

l. In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful.

2. Praise be to Allah, the cherisher and sustainer of the worlds;

3. Most gracious, most merciful;

4. Master of the day of judgment.

5. You’ve worshiped and your aid we seek.

6. Show us the straight way,

7. The way of these to whom you have got given your grace, not those that earn your anger, nor people who go astray.


Surah Fatiha is mentioned within the Quran because of the seven oft-repeated verses it’s repeated several times within the course of the five daily prayers. in keeping with Bukhari, its designation Umm-ul-Kitab was given thereto by the Prophet PBUH himself visible of the very fact that it contains in a very condensed form all the basic principles laid down within the Quran. The principle of the Oneness and uniqueness of Allah, He is the Originator and Fosterer of the universe, the One to whom a man is ultimately responsible, the sole power which will really guide and help, the principle of life after death and therefore the consequence of man’s actions and behavior and also the need of self-surrender to the need of the God. It is, for this reason, that this surah has been formulated as a prayer to be constantly repeated and reflected upon by the believer.

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The Surah sums up in precise yet comprehensive words man’s reference to Allah in contemplation and prayer of which the primary words should be that Of praise which befit Allah alone.

The Quran next mentions Allah’s attribute of Rabb, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds i.e., the one who, step by step, helps one to grow from lower to higher stages till he reaches the stage of finality and completeness; and therefore the attributes of Rahman and Rahim which signify grace, mercy, compassion and loving tenderness which ensure Him to His creatures protecting, preserving and guiding them to a better life.

After acknowledging the mercy and beneficence of Allah, the surah continues that he’s the Master of the Day of Judgement, so the qualities of mercy and kindness don’t mislead anyone into forgetting that thereon Day, everyone will need to render an account -of their deeds during this life.

After the praise and acknowledgment of the attributes of Allah, there follows a pledge of total submission and worship and seeking help and aid from Him alone. This pledge is- not from the man in his individual capacity but from all mankind generally.

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The believer also prays to Allah to point out the proper and straight way of life from among the numerous crooked and steep ways. the trail of virtue is difficult, it’s always been followed by those who are within the light of Allah’s grace. It not only protects •them from wrongdoings but also from straying onto paths of temptation and carelessness.

The Surah mentions two categories of people: people who are within the darkness and people who stray thanks to negligence. Some scholars believe that the people described as having the wrath of Allah that’s, having deprived themselves of His grace, are those that after having received Allah’s message rejected it, while those that go astray are people. who stray out of carelessness and negligence.


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