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#Surah Ikhlas (#Verse1-4) With Explanation – Islam Peace Of Heart

5) Surah Ikhlas (112)

1. Say: he’s Allah, the one and only; 2. Allah, the eternal, absolute; 3. He doesn’t beget, neither is He begotten; 4. And there’s none like Him.
The name of this Surah is Ikhlas meaning ‘Purity of Faith’ which is its core matter because faith within the absolute Unity of Allah is that the foundation of Islam. The Holy Prophet PBUH is claimed to own described this surah as one-third of the Holy Quran. (Agreed upon)
People on different occasions enquired from the Holy Prophet PBUH about the character and essence of Allah to Whose worship he invited them. Every time, this surah was recited in answer to them.
Allah is One, with none hint of plurality. He has nobody to share in His lordship, neither in His essence or His attributes. he’s the sole one to whom worship is due; all other beings or things are His creatures and in no way resemble Him or equivalent to Him in rank, attribute, work or power in any degree. He has no partner, no father or son.
The Quran says: “And your God is one God…. ” (2: 163) “Allah: there’s no god but He…. ” (2: 255)
And: there’s no god but I; therefore, worship and serve Me. ” (21: 25)
Allah is Eternal and Immortal without beginning or end, not limited by time or place or circumstances. he’s Absolute, not sustained or hooked in to the other person or thing whereas all other persons and things are captivated with Him for beginning in addition as their continued existence.
The pagans commonly asked the Holy Prophet PBUH: “What is that the ancestry of Allah? From whom has He inherited the planet and who will inherit after Him?” In all ages, they need adopted the concept that gods like men also beget and are begotten. The Arabian concept was that the angels were Allah’s daughters. Some people thought that those whom they considered to be Allah’s children were descended from Him within the natural way while others thought that the one whom they called son of God had been adopted by Allah Himself as a son.
All these assumptions are destroyed when it’s said: “He begetteth not neither is He begotten ” and there remains no room for confusion during this regard. The Quran says: “No son did Allah beget, neither is there any god together with Him.
(23: 91) the very fact that Allah is matchless and unique in every respect beyond the range of human comprehension or imagination explains why any attempt at depicting Him by means of figures or symbols must be qualified as blasphemous denial of truth.
All the messengers of Allah prescribed Al Tawhid to their people. The Quran says: He said: ‘O my people Worship Allah! ye haven’t any other god but Him…. (7:59,

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