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#Surah Ash-Shura (#Verse4-5) With Explanation – Islam Peace Of Heart

4) Surah Ash Shaura (42: 4-5)

4. To Him belongs all that’s within the heavens and on earth: and he’s most high, Inost great. 5. The heavens are almost rent asunder from above them, and therefore the angels celebrate the praises of their Lord, and pray for forgiveness for beings on earth: Behold! Verily Allah is He, the oft-forgiving, the foremost merciful.
All that’s within the heavens and on earth is that the exclusive property of Allah and He has full authority and control to cater to it in any manner He wants. he’s the Master and Owner of the planet and heavens and everything contained in them, in any form whatsoever, and nobody else has any part or share in His ownership, His authority, His kingdom, His rule, His sovereignty, His attributes and His powers. Elsewhere, it’s said: His are all things within the heavens and on earth (2:255) And: “To Whom belongeth all that’s within the heavens and on earth? Say: To Allah (6: 12). Therefore, all greatness and glory befits Allah, the Almighty.
The Quran further reflects upon the majesty and grandeur of Allah as felt in deep fear and reverence by the dwellers of heavenly regions i.e., the angels. it’s an excessive amount of for the heavens in-tuned who tremble at the presence of the magnificence and splendour above them and are almost able to burst asunder by His Glory.
The angels, who are noble and pure beings, celebrate the glory of Allah. they appear after the security of all beings on earth and pray to Allah for his or her forgiveness. They reflect on one side on Allah’s glory and praise and on the opposite, to His forgiveness and mercy.
The implication is that, whereas, all people in general are weak and are susceptible to err and to sin, Allah has willed upon Himself the law of grace and mercy despite all their evil doings. This exceptional quality of Allah’s Grace and Mercy is further stressed in Quran:
But My Mercy extendeth to all or any things (7: 156)
And: He hath inscribed for Himself (the rule of) Mercy… … ” (6: 12)
during a Hadith, the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Allah says: Verily, My Grace and Mercy outstrips My Wrath. ” (Bukhari, Muslim)
That Allah is Forgiving and Merciful is evident from the actual fact that folks continue transgressing His commands and rejecting His message with vanity and arrogance, yet He mercifully goes on giving them respite in order that they will reflect, realize their mistake and are available to the correct path before it’s too late.
The Quran says: “If anyone does evil or wrongs his own soul, but afterwards seeks Allah ‘s forgiveness, he will find Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. ” (4: 110)

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