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Interpretation of the Quran The Arabic word Tafsir is derived from Fasara which means to explain, to open, to unveil, or to discover something hidden. In Islamic terminology, Tafsir means interpretation of the Holy Quran. Tafsir consists of explaining the difficult words and phrases including the grammatical construction of the sentences, purpose of revelations, unique … Read more

#Significance of the Quran – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Significance of the Quran The Holy Quran is a sacred and pure scripture revealed by Allah, the Supreme Being, and is not an ordinary Book. It is a Book of warnings, directives, and instructions revealed for the guidance and betterment of mankind at all times under all conditions and requirements. The Quran says: “Blessed is … Read more

#Use of Quran in Legal Thinking – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Use of the Quran in Legal Thinking Islam is built on the foundation of faith, but its edifice is held together by the cementing force of law which is based upon submission to the Divine Will. In other words, it is Allah Whose Will who is the primary source of law in a Muslim society … Read more

#Revelation of the Quran – Islam Peace Of Heart

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The revelation of the Quran between 610 and 632 A.D As he approached the age of forty, Prophet Muhammad PBUH started retiring into a cave in a nearby mountain known as Hira where he would spend his time in worship and solitude. His Favourite time of retreat was the month of Ramazan. One day, Prophet … Read more

#Makki and Madani Surahs – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Makki and Madni Surahs The revelation of the Quran to the Holy Prophet PBUH started during the month of Ramazan. The first revelation consisted of the first five ayahs of the 96th Surah i.e., Surah Alaq or Iqra. Thereafter, there was a gap after which angel Jibrail appeared and recited the first few ayahs of … Read more

#Characteristics of the Holy Quran – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Characteristics of the Holy Quran The Holy Quran is the greatest gift of Allah to mankind. Its purpose is to guide humanity to a straight path, awaken the human conscience, and enlighten the human mind. Its instructions are aimed at the general welfare ofhuman beings.Allah speaks of the Quran as a spirit of life and … Read more

#History and Importance of the Quran – Islam Peace Of Heart

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The History and Importance of the Quran Introduction The Quran is the sacred Book of Muslims and the foundation of Islam. It is the last Divine scripture, revealed to Holy Prophet, Muhammad, over a period of twenty-three years, through Hazrat Jibril. It was revealed in portions, every portion being written and committed to memory as soon … Read more

#Relationship between Quran and Sunnah – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Relationship between Quran and Sunnah The Hadis and Sunnah either: 1) Explain a verse of the Quran or add something to its commandment. In this case, it will have a secondary position to the Quran as it will be based on the Quran itself.2) Lay down new rules in matters about which the Quran is … Read more

#Surah Ad-Duha (#Verse1-11) Explanation | Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Ad-Duha (93) Translation: l. By the wonderful morning light, 2. And by the night 3. Lord has not forsaken you, neither is he displeased, 4. And truly the Hereafter is going to be better for you than the current. 5, and shortly your Lord will offer you in order that you will be pleased. 6. Did He not … Read more

#Surah Al Baqarah (#Verse30-37) Explanation | Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Baqarah Explanation Translation: 30. Behold, your Lord said to the angels: ‘I will create a vicegerent on earth.’ They said: ‘Will You place there one who will make mischief there and shed blood?- whilst we celebrate your praises and glorify your holy (name)?’ He said: ‘I know what you are doing not know. ‘ 31. And … Read more

#Surah Naas (#Verse1-6) Explanation | Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Naas Explanation Translation: l. Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of mankind, 2. The King of mankind, 3. The God of Mankind, 4. From the mischief of the whisperer who withdraws, 5. Who whispers into the hearts of mankind, 6. Among jinn and among mankind. Explanation: Surah Naas concludes the Holy Quran with … Read more

#Surah Zilzaal (#Verse1-8) Explanation | Islam Peace Of Heart

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Surah Zilzaal Explanation Translation: 1. When the world is shaken to her utmost convulsion, 2. and also the earth contributes to her burdens, 3. And the man cries out: ‘What is that the matter with her? 4. on it day will she declare her tidings: 5. For that your Lord will have given her inspiration. 6. thereon day will men proceed … Read more