#Benefits Of Dua Isbooh Sharif – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Isbooh Sharif Dua Isbooh Sharif is one of the best Dua of Sayyidina Ghous-E-Azam. This Dua is distributed in 7 days. Most Islamic scholars always used to recite this Dua. Especially Silsila-E-Qadriya scholar recited this Dua. In this Dua, the Name Of Allah SWT is described in beautiful words. In this Dua, the Grace and … Read more

#Dua For The Problem Solution- Islam Peace Of Heart

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 Dua For The Problem Solution  Ayat-E-Karima: If someone has a problem and can’t find any solution of his problems. So, he should recite Ayat-E-Kareema 3000 times after Fajar prayer till his problems get a solution. Inshallah, Allah SWT will solve his all problems from unseen places. Or if he can’t recite then he should collect … Read more

#Dua For Boost Memory – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua For Boost Memory  Surah Yaseen: Surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quran. It is a very powerful Dua for boosting memory and also for a sharp mind. Because most people have a weak minds. They can’t concentrate on their studies. They are very weak in their studies and most Islamic scholars suggest they … Read more

#Dua For Remove Depression – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua For Overcome Depression Depression In this modern period, lots of people are worried about their life, education, jobs, married purpose, family problems, children problems, relation problems, financial problems, and much more. They much think and they fall into depression. Depression is the common cause of death. Depression decreases your positive energy, your confidence level, … Read more

#Benefits Of Qasida Ghousia – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Qasida Ghousia Qasida Ghousia is poems immersed in knowledge which is the spokesman of Sheikh Abdul Qadir’s flight knowledge. This intention was uttered by your tongue while you were immersed in divine love and he was absorbed in the manifestation of the truth and was lost in the place of connection. This Qasida is a … Read more

#Benefits Of Haft Haikal – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Haft Haikal Haft Haikal, In fact, This Dua is the collection of different surahs of the Quran. That arrange in seven separate parts called Haft Haikal. Haikal called such a fortification. By which man protect from external attacks and disasters. Such are the Haft Haikal. The reciter will always be under the protection of Allah … Read more

#Benefits Of Musabat Ashar – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Musabat Ashar Musabat Ashar is the word of Allah SWT and Musabat Ashar has lots of benefits and virtues. Many Islamic Preachers and scholars recited Musabat Ashar. His words are uttered by all the saints in the chain of Qadiriya and Chishti. Most of the other saints series have also been in the habit. Musabat … Read more

#Benefits Of Shash Quful (Six Locks) – Islam Peace Of Heart

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Shash Quful (Six locks) In common words, Quful is called lock because reciting of Shash Quful (Six locks) the disasters and calamities that afflict man is locked up. This lock is a kind of siege by which the reciter takes refuge in Allah SWT in every way from the resistance of external creatures. This Dua … Read more

#Instant Dua For Hajat In 1 Day | Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua For Hajat Or Wishes  #Dua_For_Hajat_Or_Wishes #Tip1 Surah Yaseen is the most effective Surah for any wish if someone has any valid wish so he should recite Surah Yaseen 1 time with 7 Mubeen for 7 days or 40 days Inshallah, His valid wish will be fulfilled. #Dua_For_Hajat_Or_Wishes #Tip2 If someone has urgently any wish … Read more

#Dua For Increase Knowledge & Interest In Studies -Islam Peace Of Heart

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Dua For Interest In Studies Surah Yaseen: Surah Yaseen is the most effective Dua for Concentration in Studies and for boosting memory so recite Surah Yaseen 1 time without any Durood Pak and blow on water and drink it. Do it for 40 days in the morning Inshallah, You will get lots of interest in … Read more