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Hadith About Widow And The Poor Man


One who manages the affairs of the widow and the poor man is like the one who exerts himself in the way of Allah, or the one who stands for prayer in the night or fasts in the day.


To attend to the needs of poor and helpless persons and to make efforts to bring relief to them is a meritorious act, so much so that the Holy Prophet PBUH has placed it at par with one who fights in the way of Allah, 0r stands up for prayer at night and fasts during the day. He Holy Prophet PBUH is reported to have said:

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” He who fulfills the need of you my people to please him, has pleased me and he who has pleased me, pleases Allah and he who pleases Allah, will be brought by Him into Paradise.” (Baihaqi)

Abu Hurairah relates that the Holy Prophet PBUH instructions to Hazrat Aisha about helping the poor were:

“0 Aisha! Love the poor and let them come to you for help. Allah will then surely take you near Him on the Day of Judgement,” (Tirmizi)

The Holy Quran also commands us to do good and show kindness to the Door and needy and often this command is linked with those regarding parents and relatives. It says: ” Treat with kindness your parents and kindred and to orphans and those in need.” (2: 83)

The Prophet PBUH was a staunch supporter of the weak and the oppressed. On receiving the first revelation, the Holy Prophet trembled with fear, but his wife consoled him in these words:

“Allah will never bring you to disgrace, for you unite the ties of relationship and bear the burden of the weak and earn for the destitute and honour the guest and help people in distress.” (Bukhari)

According to the Quran, prayer would have little value if it did not lead to the service of humanity. It would then be a mere show, to be condemned.

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