Hadith About Believer’s And Unbeliever’s


The world is the believer’s prison and the unbeliever’ s paradise.


The main feature of a prisoner’s life is that he is not free to do whatever he likes. He has to carry out other people’s commands in whatever he does. Another characteristic is that the prisoner does not feel attached to the prison and never consider it his home. He is always eager to get out of it.

The moral that the above hadith carries for the believers is that they should lead a life of checks and balances in this world. To regard this world as their permanent home and to get attached to it and to make its joys and comforts the ultimate end is the way of the unbelievers.

If a person’s attitude towards the world is like that of a prisoner towards a prison, then he is a truthful believer, but if he is so deeply involved so as to make it the ultimate end of his existence then he is not a true believer, according to the principle laid down in this Hadis.

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It is related that the Holy Prophet PBUH said:

“Whoever loves the world shall damage his Hereafter and whoever love his Hereafter, shall damage his world. Thus, you should prefer what is lasting to what is transitory.” (Ahmad, Baihaqi)

Abdullah bin Masud relates that once the Holy Prophet PBUH took hold of his shoulder and said: “Live in this world as if you were a stranger or a wayfarer. (Bukhari).

When a person makes this world the exclusive aim of his life, he will live for it and all his endeavours will be directed towards the realization of material aims and interests. His lack if interest for the Hereafter will eventually lead to a loss of the world to come. A true believer should make the Hereafter, which is eternal, the object of his desire.


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