Hadith About Food


No one eats better food than that which he eats out of the work of his hand.


The economic life in Islam is based upon Divine instructions. Earnings of one’s livelihood through labour is not only a duty but a great virtue as well. Dependence of any able person on someone for a livelihood is a sin and a disgraceful humiliation.

All kinds of work and hard labour are respected in an Islamic society, The status of honest, hard working men is not lowered because of the work they do for a living. The Holy Prophet PBUH made it clear that any work was hourable in comparison with asking for charity or begging. He is reported to have said:

“To earn a clean living, is also a duty next to the obligatory duties of faith.” (Baihaqi)

This shows that after the performance of the obligatory duties of faith, earning of one’s livelihood through honest means and by engaging oneself in a clean trade or profession comes first. The seeking oneself in a clean trade of profession comes first. The seeking of lawful sustenance by Muslims  has been designated as a form of worship by the Holy Prophet PBUH.

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Once, a companion asked the Holy Prophet PBUH about income that was better and more clean. He answered:

“The one who works with his hands and every trade that was done with honesty. (Ahmad)

Islam has strongly prohibited illegal means of earning such as bribery, charging interest on loans, theft, gambling etc. and warns those who adopt such practices of the fire of Hell in the following words:

“The flesh that has been sustained by unlawful earnings will not enter Paradise. It is more suited to Hell.” (Ahmad)

An evil doer is a blot on society. On the other hand, those who earn their livelihood by hard labour are respected and honoured.


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