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Hadith About Believes

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None of you believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself.


This hadith emphasis fraternity and brotherhood. It is said in the Holy Quran that Muslims are brothers to one another (49: 10)
In this sense, Muslim brotherhood has been established by Allah Himself and therefore, it is binding upon all Muslims to be co-operative and kind to each other.
The life of a Muslim revolves round the pillars of faith and cannot acquire perfection unless there is mutual love and co-operation among the believers. If their hearts are devoid of good feelings and affection for each other, it would mean that the reality of faith has not dawned upon them; the words ‘none of you believes’ do not imply a negation of faith. Rather, they suggest an imperfection of faith.

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For attaining the true state of faith, it is essential that man should be free from selfishness. He should be genuinely interested in the welfare of his brothers and desire for them all the good things, advantages and benefits he desires for himself and dislike for them all the conditions and circumstances he does not like for himself.
It is related by Mu’az bin Jabal that when he enquired from the Holy Prophet PBUH about superior faith, he answered:

“That you desire for others what you desire for yourself and do not desire for others what you do not desire for yourself.”(Ahmad)

The Holy Prophet PBUH advised the believers not to break mutual relations and not to have ill will or jealousy towards each other. They have been specifically prohibited from making fun or looking down upon other Muslims with contempt, seeking faults or being suspicious of one another (Muslim, Tirmizi)

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