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Hadith About Selling Something


May God show mercy to a man who is kindly when he sells, when he buys, and when he demands his money back.


According to teaching of Islam, business should be conducted With honesty and justice, tempered with human kindness. The conduct of the seller in a transaction should be characterized not only by justice but also by magnanimity.

The Holy Prophet PBUH disapproved all transactions which were unjust or caused hardship to the buyer or the seller. He wanted both to be sympathetic and considerate towards each other. The seller must not think he has unrestricted liberty to extort as much as possible from the buyer. He should take his own due and give to the buyer what is his.

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About payment of debts, it is narrated by a companion that the Messenger of Allah said:

“When the angel of Death came to take possession of the soul of a man, he was asked if he had performed any good in his worldly life. The man answered that in his business dealings with people, his attitude was that of mildness and forbearance. He would allow respite to the rich. As for the poor, he would often write off their debts. Allah therefore, decreed for him 1o be admitted to Paradise. ” (Bukhari, Muslim)

He also said:

“Whoever has a claim (like a debt) on a brother which is payable and he allows respite to the debtor in his payments, he will be given the reward of. charity.” (Muslim)

The general principle is that the debtor should try to give back that which has been lent to him. The creditor. has, however, been instructed not to be strict in taking the loan back. He should show leniency and kindness taking into Consideration the condition of the debtor.

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