Hadith About Possessions


God does not regard your appearances and your possessions, but he regards your hearts and your actions.


Divine favour is not granted because of one’s form, figure or wealth but on the state of his heart, mind, and actions. Allah judges and rewards or punishes only on the basis of our motives and intentions. The Quran says:

“Whether ye hide what is in your hearts or reveal it, Allah knows it all…..” (3: 29)

This makes it clear that however good and noble an act may apparently be, it is worthless in the sight of Allah if the heart is lacking in earnestness and the aim is not solely for the pleasure of Allah as He sees the intention along with the deeds and the hidden along with the manifest. Allah judges the worth and value of deed by the intention with which it is performed.

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Faith has two aspects. It is an affirmation of truth from the depth of one’s heart and a surrender to the truth affirmed. It signifies conviction of the heart while Islam signifies submission and hence primarily, action.

The main object and aspiration of the life of a Muslim is to seek the pleasure of Allah. All his energies should be directed towards the achievement of the end. A deed or task however noble and useful it may seem to the people has no value in Islam if it is not done purely for the love of Allah. Similarly, an act which to an observer may seem ordinary may be very valuable for it being rooted in sincerity and motivated by love of Allah.

We have been clearly told by the Messenger of Allah that for the achievement of good, it is essential that the means should also be good and above all, the intentions for which those means are to be employed should also be good.


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