#Benefits Of Darood e Ghousia – Islam Peace Of Heart
#Benefits Of Darood e Ghousia – Islam Peace Of Heart
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 Durood E Ghousia

This Durood is one of the routines of the Qadri family Most of the Qadri used to urge his followers to recite this Durood 511 times or 111 times daily.

This Durood is a treasure of mercy. Whoever recite this darood 111 times till his death he will be rich in Allah’s mercy. Once a servant of Allah says, whoever recite this darood at-least one time in a day he will be rewarded with 7 blessings.

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1) His Provision will be increase

2) His all things become ease

3) Kalima shahadat will be inherited at the time of death

4) His body will be safe from hardship

5) His grave will be wide

6) He will not need of anyone

7) Allah’s Creations will love him

From this ,  it became clear that in order to receive the blessings of this Durood pak, One should recite it daily. In addition, this Durood is also effective in gaining the love of the Holy Prophet PBUH.