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When you hear the Ritual sacrifice, it takes you back in time when Hazarat Ibrahim sacrificed his son in the name of Allah. If you ask your online quran tutor about the ritual sacrifice of Qurbani, he will narrate the story of Hazarat Ibrahim to you.

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Well, the ritual sacrifice of Qurbani, is not just an act of slaughtering your beloved animals it is much more than that. It is linked with the love of mankind for Allah and how they all belong to him at the end of the day.
If I take you back in history, the story of Qurbani started with Prophet Ibrahim. He saw a dream in which Allah asked him to give his most beloved thing in his way. To Prophet Ibrahim, his son was the closest and beloved blessing and he decided to slaughter him in the way of Allah.
He took his son and ask him if he will give his life to Allah, and it all started from there. Both the father and son were tested and they cleared their test with dignity. The Almighty loved their obedience and asked Muslims to perform Qurbani and remember the sacrifice of his beloved Prophets.
It is now a ritual Sacrifice of Qurbani, that is performed once a year on the 10th of Zulhaj. On this day, Muslims all over the world sacrifice their animals and pay tribute to the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim.
The ritual of Qurbani is not about remembering Prophet Ibrahim, but it has many other aspects to ponder. In this article, we learn some of them and how they make a difference in our lives.
When you learn quran online with tajweed, you read about Qurbani and its importance in the life of Muslims. Qurbani is an act of sacrifice, that gives you a reminder that your God is only one, and you have to sacrifice everything you have to show what he means to you.
Origins of Qurbani
The word Qurbani is an Arabic term that means to act in order to seek Allah’s pleasure. Qurbani literally means to do something that makes Allah Almighty happy and seek his blessings by doing it.
The origin of Qurbani is linked with the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismaeel. But if you see deeper into it you will learn the basic lessons of life. As a Muslim, the ritual of sacrifice is like reminding ourselves of Allah’s powers and our reason for living in this temporary world.
From the act of Qurbani, we can learn the following lessons
1. We belong to Allah:
When you perform, you spend your money or slaughter your animal in the name of Allah. It teaches us that nothing else is important except the love of Allah.
Whether it is money, power, or life everything belongs to Allah, and at the end of the day, we have to leave everything behind for him. When people spend money and time preparing their
animals it gives them the sense that all that you have is not yours.
It is given by Allah, and whenever he asks for it you have to give it without saying a single word. Qurbani tells us that our lives, our money, and our loved ones are all given by him and
we own none of them.
2. Help others:
When we do Qurbani, we are asked to give meat to our relatives, family, neighborhood, and other people around us. This act of distributing meat is to teach you a lesson that you are here to care for your fellow Muslims.
Qurbani gives you a lesson to share your food, money, and love with others. It is more about who shows love to those who cannot afford are not able to perform Qurbani. It is an act of
kindness, that teaches us to you kind to others and help them in their difficult times.
It gives you a lesson that there is nothing you own, and whatever you have share it with others. Sharing makes you realize that we are equal and there is no discrimination between rich and poor in our society.
3. Lesson of respect:
Reverence is a part of faith and your faith is incomplete without it. The act of Qurbani helps you learn to reverence and give respect to your creator. When you perform Qurbani you actually show respect and obedience to your Allah.
When you read the Holy Quran, you get to know about Qurbani in detail, therefore learn it
The importance of tajweed, helps you understand why learning Holy Quran and understanding the act of Qurbani is essential for all Muslims.
Muslims believe that one day they have to go back to their creator and that life in this world is temporary. So, while living in  this world, it is their prime responsibility to show respect and love for their creator and Qurbani is one of the ways to do it.
Qurbani represents the loyalty of a Muslim to their God, and when they perform it they get blessings in return.
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