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#Reasons Why Holy Prophet Had Fight Against The Quraish – Islam Peace Of Heart

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The Muslims were given permission to fight, by Allah, in the second year of Hijrat in the following words: “Fight in the Cause of Allah those who fight you…” (2:190)

The Holy Prophet PBUH thought it necessary to fight the Quraish in the Battle of Badr and in subsequent battles because if the Muslims had not fought them in self-defence, the small number of Muslims would have been killed and Islam would have been wiped out from the earth forever.

Islam is a religion of peace, but if peace is threatened, fighting becomes necessary. The Quraish were the main oppressing force for the Muslims. They had to be put down, so that Islam could spread, and this was soon to be.


Year of Deputations

The 10th year of Hijrat is called Am-ul-Wafd, the Year of Deputations, because it was in this year that numerous tribes of Arabia came to the Holy Prophet PBUH to join Allah’s faith.

Farewell Pilgrimage

The most important event of the 10th year of Hijrat was the Holy Prophet’s PBUH farewell pilgrimage- Hajjat-ul-Wida. When he decided to go to Makkah for performing the pilgrimage, messengers were sent to all parts of Arabia to inform the believers of the Holy Prophet’s PBUH intentions and to invite them to join him in the great Pilgrimage.

The Holy Prophet PBUH left Madinah on the 25th of Ziqad, 10 A.H., in the company of one hundred fourteen thousand of his followers; all his wives accompanied him. On the 4th day of the following month, they reached Makkah, where they performed the pilgrimage.

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