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#Benefits of Surah Fath (The Conquest) – Islam Peace Of Heart

This Surah has healing effects so it is a condition for the patient recite this Surah 3 times blow on water and feed it to the patient Inshallah, By the grace of Allah SWT the patient will recover.
If an opponent of the oppressed party is very disturbed in the matter of land or place recite this Surah 11 times after Isha prayers for 21 days. Inshallah, He will be safe from every kind of distress.
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Ibn Saa’d narrated it from Majma ibn Jariyah that: “When Jibril took this Surah” he said to the Holy Prophet PBUH: “Congratulations on this Surah” after the congratulations of Jibril to the Holy Prophet PBUH, the Companions also “Congratulated to the Holy Prophet PBUH”. Read More Benefits Of Surah Mariam.
The Holy Prophet PBUH called Omar and said: “In returns for this Surah I do not like all the things on which the sun has set”.
The Holy Prophet PBUH said: “I like this Surah more than all the things on which the sun has set”.
This Surah was revealed on the way back to Mecca and Medina after the treaty of the Hudaibiyah. When this Surah was revealed the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “Tonight the Surah was revealed to me which is dearer to me than anything in the world”.
Ibn Anas narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH said: “After the revelation of  Surah Fateh is that this Surah is dearer to me than anything on the earth”.
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According to the tradition, “Whoever memorizes this Surah on the first night of Ramadan he will remember the whole Holy Quran“.
“Whoever recite it during traveling he will be safe on the journey if you recite it in the plane, the plane will arrive safely. Even every ride on which you travel if you recite this Surah you will safely arrive at your destiny”.
Recite this Surah forty-one times for any task at which victory is intended. Inshallah, Allah SWT will grant you success and victory in this task.
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If someone is jealous of one’s business or abundance of wealth. So, recite this Surah once a day for forty days at the place of business Inshallah, he will be safe from the jealousy of the envious. By making habit to recite this Surah a regular part in Fajr prayers. It becomes a source of openness of sustenance in addition looking at the moon of Ramadan stand up and recite this Surah three times. Inshallah, you will be at peace for the whole year.
If a person desires Hajj but does not become a source of it So, he should recite this Surah 11 times for 40 days Inshallah, Allah SWT will make any source of Hajj from the unseen place for him. Reading this Surah is the key to victory.

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