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If a person is fall in love with this world he should recite this name so the love of Allah SWT and his Messenger will arise in his heart and his enemies will be defeated or getting rid of black magic and evil eye write this name on Glassware and drink it he will be healed immediately. If there is a ghost or sock animal in the house so recite this name 11000 times for 11 days and blow on water and fall on the walls the effect of ghost will be removed.
If a person is poor so in the last prostration of Chasht prayers recite this name 40 times  for 21 days the famine will be over. The doors of sustenance will be open if there is any other purpose recite it in the middle of the night in naked head in open place inshallah. The goal will be achieved. A person who does not have a private home he should recite it frequently in daily routine inshallah he will get his private house.
If a person recite this name 10 times before fajr prayer in the 4 corners of the house inshallah his house will be safe from every calamity and the provision comes from the unseen places. This name reciting is also used to protect shops, offices and gardens. If someone’s shop closes while walking so recite this name frequently in the shop inshallah your store will resume to your business.
Whoever recites this name 70 times after Fajr prayers with keeping both hands on his chest then his heart will be enlightened with the faith of light and his destiny will be revealed everything will become easier. This name is also great for stalled marriages.
If the recitation of this name will increased then divine knowledge will be obtained to become sahib kashf recite it 100 times after each prayer for boost memory recite “RABE-ZIDNI-ILMA”. If a person wants to know outcomes of something good or bad so he should recite this name 1100 times  for 11 days while sleeping at night he will know outcomes about something good or bad through dreams.
If this name is written in the piece of meal and eat it for 40 days your provision will increase and the pain of the injury will not be felt. If you wants to give up one’s bad habit but does not know how to give up then recite this name 700 times and blow on water drinking it for 7 days his bad habit turns into good habit.
After fajr prayer recite YA-BASIT 10 times and blow in your hands and face the destitute will be gone and your provisions will increase Allah’s mercy and grace will be included.
If you come in contact with a fierce enemy so recite this name 7000 times and blow on a little bit of soil and thrown it at the enemy’s door you enemy will destroy or by fasting for 3 days on 4th day in the same meeting recite 500 time YA-KHAFIZ your enemy will be melt like snow.
Whoever recites this name 100 times while sleeping at the night he will be dear to every heart and his honor will increase day by day in the creation he will be safe from every Disaster. In front of a strict ruler recite YA-RAFIU  Inshallah his harshness turned into compassion.
A person who recites this name 41 times on Friday or Saturday night after maghrib prayers then the people will give him respect and his love will be created in the hearts of the people. After fajr prayer recite it 510 times your every journey will be safe and you will become dear to people and your all task will ease for you.
If a person have any fear from any cruel person so recite it 75 times recite nafil asportation his enemy will leave oppression or he will destroy and he will also protected from jealous persons. If someone stop your rights then he will pay you. Recite it daily after fajr prayer 770 times this will get rid you from immoral person. Psychological desires will be corrected and the opponent will always be humiliated.
If you wants that Allah will fulfil your all wishes recite it 500 times on Thursday after chasht prayer. If you always recite it then you will become (Sahib Mustajab-Adawat) means Allah will  fulfil your all wishes. If  someone wants to get married he should recite it for 40 days 1100 times on last day wish to get married soon Inshallah you will get married soon.


Whoever recite it 100 times on Friday before sunnah and farz he will become Arif and his heart will be enlightened by the light of guidance. Recite it daily 302 times the reciter will become sahib basirat and the sight of the eye is always there.
If you have any difficult problem then recite this name every time Inshallah every problem will be ease and every good deeds will be successful . The power of revelation will also be created. This name is very useful for power.
Whoever want that people obey him, On Friday night write this name on 20 pieces of meal and eat them inshallah people will obey you. If a person recite this name 104 times daily the spirit of a divine pleasure will be created. If there is a lawsuit, it will be a success.