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Battle of Buwaib

After the disaster at Jasr, Hazrat Umar sent messengers to all parts of Arabia inviting the Arabs to participate in the war against the Persians. In response to this call, many Muslims and Christians gathered round the standard of Islam.

The Persians sent a strong force against the Muslims under the command of Mehran, who was regarded as an expert in the Arabian way of war. The Persian army marched to Euphrates and camped on the east bank of the Euphrates River.

Mehran sent a messenger to Musana to inquire if the Muslims would like the Persians to cross over to their side. The Muslims had a bitter experience of crossing the river in the Battle of Bridge. So they asked the Persian army to cross over.

The following day, the Persian army crossed over and the two armies met at Buwaib. The Persians were several times more in number, but the Muslims fought desperately. A young warrior of the Taghlib tribe killed Mehran.

With his death, the tide of the battle was turned and the Persians began to flee in disorder. Musana, at once, captured the bridge; this prevented the Persians from crossing the river. Finding no other way to flee, thousands of them were drowned while others died in large numbers on the battlefield. In this battle, the majority of the Persian army was destroyed.

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