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Battle of Qadisiya

The Persians could not forget the crushing defeat inflicted on them in the Battle of Buwaib. So they again began to prepare themselves against the Muslims. Hazrat Umar declared Jihad all over the land. Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas was chosen to lead the Muslim army. He was sent with instructions to camp at Qadisiya on the west bank of the Ateeq, a branch of the Euphrates and to send envoys to the court of Persia with the message of Islam. The Persian King, Yazdgard, insulted the envoys and turned them out of the court. This ill-treatment from the Persian king hastened the war.

Persian soldiers were sent against the Muslims under the command of their greatest hero, Rustam who was asked at the beginning to accept Islam and conclude a treaty with the Muslims. Rustam refused to comply with this request and boasted that he would crush the whole of Arabia.

The following day, the Persian army advanced. Sa’ ad being unwell, directed the operations from his sick bed. The battle that followed was fiercely fought.

It lasted for three days. Though the Persians fought gallantly, eventually they were defeated. Their famous general, Rustam was killed while he was running away from the battlefield. The Persian troops retreated after his death.

This battle was a decisive one in the history of Islam as it completely broke down the strength of the Persians.

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