How Parents Can Help Kids To Learn Tajweed

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Our traditional learning and teaching methods have also been altered as a result of the rapid advancement of technology. Parents nowadays are busy with 9-to 5 work and have no time to teach their children the Quran With Tajweed.
The most practical, convenient, and straightforward approach in the  twenty-first century is to use an online platform. Without a question, todays children are significantly more technologically savvy and have unlimited access to electronics, therefore finding a trustworthy Quran teaching website is essential for  leading them along the righteous road and teaching them the true meaning of the Holy Quran.
Learn Quran With Tajweed Online is the most user-friendly, trustworthy, and comprehensive resource online. Online academies contain all the courses your child needs while learning Quran tajweed. Thanks to the professional online Quran tutors who devote their time and effort to teaching the true meaning of the Quran and all of these benefits are provided at a reasonable price.

When Should A Kid Begin To Learn The Quran With Tajweed Online?

The parents must Begin using listening devices as soon as they can are read and write and be able and to comprehend things. As a result, the child will not waste time and learn the very beneficial things that will help them throughout life.
As the kid begins to learn the Quran through tajweed, the Quran becomes more and more integrated into their daily routines. Start by encouraging them to read the Quran. They will be able to read it once they have learned to read.
Assist them in learning the meaning of the words and next to the sentences so that they can finally apply the lessons of the Holy Quran in their daily lives.

How Parents Can Help Kids To Learn Tajweed?

Hire An Online Quran Tutor
Before beginning to learn the Quran, the most important thing to do is engage a certified online Quran tutor. Although physical teachers are competitive, I propose hiring an online Quran
instructor so that you can learn the Quran with tajweed while resting at home.
Tell Them Why They Are Learning Tajweed
A kid is unaware of the need to learn of the Quran every day. What exactly does it mean? Why should they give up their favorite pastime in order to learn the Quran? When you describe some of the benefits of learning the Quran with  tajweed, they will comprehend the purpose of these sessions.
Know Your Kids Learning Type
Each child has a different learning style due to their individuality. Finding the right kind of learning for your children will be quite beneficial to you. Visual or auditory learners may be present in your home. In order to impart the value of learning in Islam to your children, you must get to know them well.
Once you’ve chosen the greatest source, you’ll only need to deliver it to them. Consider teaching your children to learn Quran tajweed using a coloring and drawing book if they are visual learners. Coloring and painting are fun for kids because it helps them recall what’s inside.
Start With The Basics
If we want to learn the quran we should be aware of what we have to learn such as the basic fundamentals of the Arabic alphabet. The basic concept of letters, understanding the use of words and how to make the sentence.
Start With The Easiest Way
Children love to learn in the easiest method possible, don’t make learning the Quran difficult for them. Start Al Fatihah, a short surah from the Quran. Every prayer will include five recitations of this surah. As a result, your children will have no difficulties learning. First, teach them the articulation point of short surah. They will learn it faster.
Teach your children how to accurately recite the Quran one step at a time. The Holy Quran was written by Allah and revealed to our Prophet(SAW), thus this is how it should be recited. They will acquire the correct pronunciation of each word as well as the correct sounds of the letters if they are taught tajweed.
Patience is required in learning the Quran and teaching the Quran. However, for reciting a single word, the reward will be equal to ten deeds.
Learning Environment
There should be a quiet room and cell phones and television should be used sparingly. There should be no outside distractions or disturbances. This is the most effective method of providing online tajweed classes for your children.
Parents should make it clear to their children that they must attend online Quran classes and should not miss them.
Get Involved As Much As You Can
Parents are uninterested because they believe that all children develop at the same rate. The involvement of parents, on the other hand, is essential. For 10 to 15 minutes, parents should sit with their children. Also, check to see if the teacher is competent or simply filling in for your child.
Because it is learning of the tajweed and no one is physically present, the children have no fear of the teachers. As a result, the parents should be present physically.
Bottom Line
The most effective method for learning tajweed with the Quran online is to establish a routine. You wont have to waste time and effort encouraging your children to sit down with you every day if they know when to expect the tajweed session.
The cornerstone of your childs success is consistency, therefore sticking to a timetable is crucial. Select a location for your classes that is peaceful, comfortable, and  devoid of distractions, and stick with it. It also teaches self control.
Make sure your child has had a filling lunch or snack, as well as enough sleep so that they are energized and focused. Keep in mind not to make the Quran sessions too long, as this will fatigue and bore the small ones.


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