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The objective of the Muslims Mosque, according to several verses of the Holy Quran is to establish prayer and to enjoin good upon the people and to refrain from committing wrong. These verses also sum up the duties and responsibilities of the believers. In order to fulfil these obligations, the Muslims are required to establish a state based on equality, liberty, brotherhood and justice. The institution of mosque played an important role in the practical realization of this state.

It is a characteristic of the Islamic State that religion and politics go together in the early days of Islam the head of the state was the ruler and chief administrator as well as the religious head. The mosque, was the central place of worship and state administration.

The mosque may not be a consecrated institution as in other religions, yet the Quranic injunction is to establish prayers in a particular place called Masjid or Mosque. As such. prayers are offered in congregation, under the leadership of the head of the state or his representative in the various mosques of the state.

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The mosque is the religious as well as a cultural center for the Muslim community, The Friday sermon addresses religious, moral and welfare issues of the  community. In the time of the Holy Prophet PBUH and his successors all matters relating to war and peace, administration and Community welfare were addressed and discussed in the mosques. All important announcements were also made from the mosques. In fact during the early years of Islam, Mosque was the center of Muslim activities.

The Holy Prophet’s PBUH mosque and later many other mosques became centers of education. The Prophet’s PBUH mosque had arrangements to house people  who came there to acquire knowledge. These people were lodged in rooms call Suffah , attached to the mosque. People who were trained the missionaries for the spread of Islam, were also given lodgings at the mosque. ln later times, libraries were established in mosques, some containing more than 100,000 books.

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The mosque also served as the council hall of the Muslims. In the time of Hazrat Umar two councils were appointed to advise the Khalifa, these councils met in the mosques. The meetings of the Shura used to take place in the mosque and all the administrative affairs of the Khilafat used to be carried on from the mosque during the rule of the first four Khalifas. Deputations from Muslim as Well as non- Muslim tribes were received in the mosque, and some of the more important deputations were also lodged there. Judicial affairs were also settled in the mosque. Thus, from the earliest times till today, the mosque has been serving not only as a religious and cultural center for the Muslims but also as an educational, social and political center.

The mosque is regarded as the house of Allah and therefore one should enter a mosque with respect. Clothes should be clean and footwear must be removed. Talking loudly, indulging in idle talk or gossip or reading worldly books in a mosque is forbidden. Buying or selling is also not allowed inside a mosque.

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