The method of praying according to the Sunnah is as follows:

For Men:

To start, Namaz turn their face in the qiblah at the place of prayer. After performing ‘Wudhu’. the one who prays with great politeness should stand up and keep a distance of four toes between the feet. Raise your hands to your ears and recite (Taqbir). The thumbs touched the ears and keep the palm facing the qiblah. Make the intention and say ‘Allah u Akbar’. After this tied your hands under your navel. In such a way that the mattress of your right palm is at the tip of the inverted wrist. The middle three fingers are upside down on the back of the wrist. Thumb and forefinger on the front of the wrist. So, recite Sana. ( Subnakallah Huma Wabe Hamdeka Watabara kasmuka Wata Ala Jaduka Wa La Ilaha Ghairuka ). Then recite (Bismilah) and (Surah Al-Fatiha) and at the end say Amen in a slow voice.

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Recite any Surah or three verses or a verse that is equal to the three verses. If you recite behind your Imam. Be silent after reciting (Sana). If the recitation is loud, then listen and be quiet. If you alone recite then recite it yourself. Now say Allahu Akbar and go in ‘Ruku’. Hold the knee with your hand. The palms of your hands should be on the knees. But palms outstretched four such fingers on one side and only the thumb on the other on the back. It must become the left side and the head must be equal to the back. But don’t be high or low and recite at least three times ( Subhana Rabil Azeem ).

After this ecite ( Sami Allahu Le Man Hamda) 3 times. Now stand up straight. If you remember this Dua then recite ( Allahuma Rabana Walakal Hamdu ). Now say ‘Allahu Akbar‘ and go into prostration. Keep your knees on the ground at the place of the head between your two hands. But your forehead and nose bone hit the ground. Keep your arms apart and the abdomen separate from your thighs. Your belly touches your toes and your both feet must be frozen. The palm is Springle and your fingers turn on the qiblah. Now recite at least 3 times ( Subhana Rabil Aala ).

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Now raised your head and raised your hands. Your right feet and fingers were facing the qiblah side. Take the last step and sit up straight on it. Now stay your palms and place them on your thighs near the knees and your fingers of both hands. But your face must be the qiblah side and recite ‘Allahu Akbar‘. Now go in prostration. Do prostrate in the same way. You should raise your head and place your hands on the knee. Now stand on your toes. Recite only ‘Bismillah and start with Qirat’. You should do the same way. Now do prostrate. So, you can sit back and recite ( Tashhad ). When you reach Qalima your fingers and thumb on the left-hand side must place on the right-hand side. It became light and the claws joined him with your palm your hand. Now raise Qalima’s finger on the word ‘La’. But it did not move and drop your finger on ‘Ila’. Now straighten all your fingers immediately. If you have to recite more rak’ah then stand up and recite like this. But it is not necessary to add any other Surah after Surah Al-Fatihah in the obligatory Rakah. If you reach the last rak’ah then end your prayers. Recite Durood Ibrahim after Tashad, and Tasbeeh Fatima, and make a Dua. Send blessings ( Asalm-u-alikum Wa Rehmatulah) and turn to the right side. Now again recite ( Asalm-U-Alikum Wa Rehmatulah) and turn your face to the left side. This is the best way according to hadith. That is how prayers are performed for man.

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For Women:

The way of reciting Namaz of women according to the women are as follows.

Women must hold both hands up to the shoulder during Takbir. But at the time of Takbeer, both hands must be inside her shawl. With the intention place the right palm on the chest under the breast. Now place the right palm on her back. Make Ru’ku like this and put your hands on your knee. But do not extend your fingers in Ru’ku bend down a little only the hands. Such a person can reach the knees. But don’t straighten your back. Did not emphasize the knee rather hold your hands and put your fingers. Now together them and keep your feet down. Go to prostrate himself with her arms. Now folded and her belly came out from her thigh. Her thigh from the legs, the legs from the ground, and the two feet from the right side. Do this with both feet outstretched to the right and bend over. This is the way of performing Namaz according to hadith.