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Hypocrites / Munafikeen

At the time of the Prophet’s migration, many people of Madinah accepted Islam. However, among them there were some who did not like the success of the Prophet’s mission. They are known as ‘Hypocrites’ or Munafiqin in the Holy Quran that says the following about them:

When it is said to them. Come to what Allah has revealed, and to the Messenger. thou seest the hypocrites avert their faces from thee in disgust. (4:61)

To all appearances, they became Muslims and prayed and fasted as if they belonged to the Muslim community. Deep at heart, however, they did not believe. Their hearts were full of hatred for the Prophet and his companions.

They spared no effort in their attempts to cause harm to the Muslims. They proved to be more dangerous than the unbelievers, because they were able to know the secrets of the Muslims and pass them on to the enemies of Islam.

Their leader was Abdullah bin Ubbay. Before the Prophet’s PBUH migration, preparations were being made to crown him the king of Madinah, but after the Prophet’ s PBUH migration, he was deprived of that position. He, however continued to have great influence over all those who viewed Islam with hatred and suspicion. He continuously intrigued with the chiefs of Makkah to wage war against the Muslims. His behaviour at the time of Battle of Uhad, when he withdrew three hundred of his supporters and almost broke the strength of the Muslims was damaging to the cause of Islam. After the Battle of Trench, he was in secret contact with the Jews who had been exiled from Madinah, to inform them of the movement of the Muslims.

Abdullah bin Ubbay built a mosque outside Madinah, where, he along with companions used to hold meetings against the Holy Prophet PBUH. When Allah revealed verses against this house of conspiracy, which the hypocrites called a mosque, it was demolished and burnt by the order of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Soon after the Tabuk Expedition, Abdullah fell ill and died. With his death,  many of the hypocrites repented and turned to the genuine faith.

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